Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

Aaactually, if I’m not mistaken the main reason we got Void elves in the 1st place is because they originally planned to create a race similar to Blood elves, but with visual distinction. And then, well, it was not taken well. AT ALL. But don’t worry, Blood elves are not forgotten, they will get more stuff down the line.

Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jy05UxR2u0

Yes, fan art is proof…

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And this is why people TOLD YOU Zebra, for almost TWO YEARS NOW to ask for customization that would make them different and things that you want (DR, Light runes etc…). Instead! What you guys wanted to do was to derail, flag instead of doing something constructive for your OWN race.


They wouldn’t need this if Blizz stuck to the Void Theme and not gave in to the helfers.

The arguement Alleria has it so we should too is moot.
Sylvannas was leader of the forsaken, could forsaken PCs look like her? no.
Jaina is leader of the Kul Tiran, can they look like her? no.
Alleria’s transformation was nothing like ‘ours’.


That does not tackle the appearance issues that Void elves had. You cannot just force players to like something if they don’t want to :S


The same people who have been making transphobic remarks at me? Like I’m going to listen to them?


I have been asking for things for quite a while. I even post a master list. You see, I know it’s hard for you to comprehend because you aren’t capable of it but I can multitask and I also don’t think a sustained tantrum is a good look like you do.

Here is some examples.

And more…

Heck, even others repost it but you have been took busy on your crusade of hate to notice. Pay attention before you boss me around.

As for reports, you and your little personal discord army false flag me all the time for not supporting your agenda of hate to destroy and delete Blood Elves.


There were plenty of people who accepted void elves as they were given. They were nothing like what was asked for, but they were a nice gift either way.


This is so very true. Rune-tattoos, the not available weapon and armor transmogs, fel flame-like glyphs, reworked hawkstrider models from the pvp one, official sub culture armor updates and more eye color options are the things which crosses my mind instantly.


This is a picture I made a short time ago. Looking for an official “Blood Knight” attire was very time-consuming. There are no good combinations out there and especially mounts which suits them. The players here really should put more effort in requesting stuff they truly want to see for their own race.


He did it in the bigger void elf thread as well.

It’s hilarious to see antis fail at trying to move the discussion to something else to get people to think about anything but high elves.

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Good. We’re on the same page now. So those players who did not like it, have a right to request what they like to see. They should not be forced within a very limited set of options, or switch faction if they don’t want to. They will opt to request what they actually want instead, on the platforms that Blizzard wants feedback on.

We also have the right to feel irritated that our races were cheated, cheapened, and hijacked by Blizzard catering to six loud people on the forums.

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I still think it’s adding water to wine by adding high elves to void elves.
There’s no longer wine, just a diluted mess of two things mixed in one.

But what’s done can’t be undone. Though technically the hair colours haven’t been released yet and they could still contain levels of corruption like in this thread’s OP.


Blizzard could have gone a bit different about it, like adding a stark white, jet black, and what I had suggested a void blonde, but several antis did not want that either. And devs can see the negativity against people making suggestions in this thread that are not limited to literally just blue and purples and ombres of those…

Do you have any understanding of why Pro-Blood Elf players disagree with high elves robbing them of what little was left of their aesthetic identity?

Are you incapable of empathy for players who feel that you and your friends have utterly destroyed what we love with your endless selfishness and greed?

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Yeah okay. You must be new here.

I think someone else should answer this question for you. I only came to the forums soon after the launch of SL when Void elves received the skins and I got annoyed there were no hair colours to match any of it, etc. So I never came to complain prior to that. Those who have been requesting High elves since before Void elves were even released, are more fit to answer this question.

You’re one of the few high elf fans I haven’t blocked for being insufferable.

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The key difference between us is that we NEVER cared and SOLELY focused on OUR purpose (customizations) and guess what Zebra, it PAID OFF. There’s a REASON why our posts always made it to the top and it was because of how focused and dedicated we were in getting what we wanted. We didn’t have time nor had the energy to go into your threads and invalidate what you wanted but YOU GUYS did and THIS is the result.

I’m not in ANY discord group, do not project your insane behavior on me! I want ZERO part of it

Yes! And the other normal nice people who told you the same thing.

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Copy & paste from another thread

My ideas for the Void Elfs:

Ears size
Hair Colors (Black, gray and white, please blizz)
Activate or deactivate Entropic Embrace (and be able to add more colors for it for example: pink, purple, red, black,…)
To be able to put or remove the tentacles in the hair that has them.
Greater amount of beards.
More variety of eye colors: violets, grays, whites, pinks and greens (the first Void Elfs are Sin’dorei!)
To be able to choose that the eyes are illuminated or that they have lobe.
Tattoos (Alleria cof cof)
For all races, choose the eye color for each eye, there are people who have heterochromia.

A THOUSAND PERCENT! If they had used that energy (for positive things) instead of derailing, flagging and just being generally awful, those seeds would have bore amazing fruit.
They planted their seeds and now they are reaping what they sow and they expect empathy!? It just isn’t coming from me, i’m sorry but it’s not.