Ty blizz for the policy update

if you cant play the game without having someone carry you for gold idc if you unsub , bye. I’m absolutely loving the tears on this , i thought it would never happen and gets me more excited for what else is to come on retail. if you mad its cause you bad.


This boosters are terrible and have driven the game to this state


People are mad because their “income was cut off”. I’m not sure who is buying boosts from 2100 players.


Bring back more memes in trade chat.


we love you blizzard
shout out to Worldpvp of the cc
Kaivax is a giga chad


Someone clearly didn’t actually read the change. Boosts are not against the rules, just the communities that were spamming ads to sell them. Guilds and individuals can still do it.


I believe cross-realm boosting is disallowed, unless I read it wrong. Which is a bigger hammer.


Im neither here nor there about it overall…but if it makes the game better in the end, more power to it.


Yes maybe something is changing at Bliz. I think there will still be loopholes but clearly a step in the right direction.


As the conditions change by which various entities operate in World of Warcraft, we are compelled to update our policies to further our goal of making the gameplay experience as fair and welcoming as possible. Since we last updated our policies, we have found that an increasing disturbance of the gameplay experience has been caused by organizations excessively advertising various non-traditional services in-game.

As of today, we will now prohibit organizations who offer boosting, matchmaking, escrow, or other non-traditional services, including those offered for gold. World of Warcraft accounts found to be in violation of this policy are subject to account actions. These actions can include warnings, account suspensions and, if necessary, permanent closure of the disruptive World of Warcraft account(s). Organizations operating across multiple realms and excessively advertising non-traditional in-game sales are contrary to the terms and conditions of the Blizzard End-User License Agreement (EULA).

This policy update does not restrict individuals or guilds from using the provided in-game tools (“trade channel” chat) to buy or sell in-game items or activities for in-game currency. However, “boosting communities”, especially those who operate across multiple realms, are no longer permitted.

We urge all such organizations to cease doing business in World of Warcraft immediately, in order to maintain uninterrupted access to the game.

So, my only question is these non-traditional services… Would that include things like GDKP runs? Where players benefit financially off other people?

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Carries are still okay, it is the boosting communities that Blizzard says they are coming down on.

But, let’s be real, unless Blizzard hires some proper moderation to enforce this, it is just another PR pronouncement.


Organizations who disruptively advertise across all realms and establish escrow services are the primary target of this policy update. Guilds and individuals who are inviting players from another realm to join them in traditional game activities in exchange for gold are allowed, as they were before.

That depends on the definition of “financially”. If it means an exchange of gold only without a middleman entity, then it sounds like the same sort of guild activities players have been enjoying for 17 years, which are not the focus of this policy update.


By middleman entity you mean organized communities and not the raid leader gets all of the gold from the gdkp and divides it out at the end?

Ahh I see, basically the advertiser getting gold for merely advertising and not actually participating in the carry.
That’s what they mean by the middleman


Thanks for clarifying. :+1:


So if I have a few friends on another realm, can we sell keys if it’s just among a group of friends. As long as there is no community And the gold never leave the realm

like we would sell 4 keys, I would take all gold on my realm and then my friends would take gold from 1 key each, and we would do it as a group of friends

would that be allowed kaivax

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Straight facts


No, you can still advertise the way that’s written. You just can’t have an escrow service and disruptively advertise. If you don’t have both of those things, you should be good.


Thumbs up!
Most of those who pay for a carry is because they are really bad or because they do not have the patience to get what they really deserve in the time it takes to do it.


Are you paying a percenentage of that gold to a third party for feeding you customers, customers they find by spamming advertising across multiple realms?

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