Three New Realms Now Open -- 8:20 p.m. PDT August 26

(Kaivax) #1

We have just opened three additional WoW Classic realms for this region:

Name Type Timezone
Deviate Delight RP-PvP Eastern
Smolderweb PvP Pacific
Sulfuras PvP Eastern

Please move to these new realms to avoid queues elsewhere.

Thank you!

Anticipating Classic Interest Falloff?
New Realms opening soon
Grobbulus Mass DC
10 (TEN) Hours in queue, 5 MINUTES play, DC, Back to 10 hour queue
Honestly it might just be time to give up on Classic completely
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(Revolutîon) #2

Awesome to hear! Thank you for the timely update!


is what i was gonna say


It’ll be interesting to watch people ignore these, try and roll on Herod/Faerelina/Whitemane and then continue to complain about queue times as if it’s anyone’s fault but their own




You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for how this turned out


FINALLY, im gonna be Able to play.

(Narya) #9

Any chances of another RP-PvE realm this week? I’m not moving to either an RP-PvP or a Normal server under any circumstances, sorry.

(Sgtshorty) #10

Can you make one Central time?


better late than never. thank you!

(Swifthoof) #12

Thank you for Eastern RP-PvP.


Still no West Coast RP realm?


would’ve been nice to have these days ago and not when we’re stuck in a 5 hour queue, or have friends at level 10 on the server you told us to go to because the server we picked first was full.

just saying.

It would be nice to get some communication from the high-level decision maker that is responsible for greenlighting such a small number of realms when they kept filling up damn near immediately. The dev team clearly has the capability to handle the load, why is it being bottlenecked? “Our internal metrics show this to be enough servers” smells like a lie to me when you’ve had to scale this hard after just a couple hours, or it’s embarrassing that the internal load estimation was this far off. Can’t wait to hear Ion go “We were overall very happy with how the release went” like a robot instead of admitting that something went horribly wrong somewhere along the way.


I think I like the name Deviate Delight more than Grobb anyway :smiley:


Why wasn’t this done in advance? People don’t want to leave the queue they’ve been in for 4 hours for a server that could potentially be a ghost town in a few months. I don’t try to whine or blame people very often but this launch seemed so short-sighted.

(Kaivax) pinned #17

(Mattoc) #18

If you’re willing to leave Grob for Deviate Delight, I would appreciate it.


Release them so the people on my que leave, kthnxbai


You should be ashamed for not understanding what it takes to run these servers. It’s not a magic “just increase the cap” item

(Skribby) #21

And the people rejoiced (or complained more)!