DeviateDelight is dead

Blizzard offers a paid realm transfer service if you are unhappy with your choice of Deviate Delight


As someone who also played since the start of Classic, it was by far the best server I’ve ever been on. Its community was amazing. And despite the lower than average pop it held strong all the way til the end of Naxxramas. We had a glorious first two phases where the Alliance (the dominate faction) waged war daily on Kargath and BRM while the Horde would always have several rogues sneaking around Ironforge. There was a ranking discord and community, a roleplaying community that hosted several events a month, and of course your obligatory sweaty guild that everyone hated (cough, Entitled). So a normal server for the most part. And whilst it was kind of quiet by the end of phase 6 it (like many servers I assume) received a fairly significant boost in population during prepatch, with old players returning and new players coming in. We briefly had two layers during the first day of TBC (when for the most of our history we only had one layer.) For a bit LFG was actually gasp used for groups and not the barren(s) chat that it is now. But a month into TBC the population started declining rapidly it seems. People quitting or transferring off (some peoples intention at the start was merely to level/grind here and then transfer). And then more people started to follow them. Which leads to a death spiral.

Now will the server die (in the same sense that Arcanite Reaper is now nearly dead with one active raiding guild?) Maybe? The sheer fact that this is one of the two RP-PvP servers seems to draw some people in. And the roleplaying community (i.e. Theramore Guard and the like) will probably stick around. But in terms of doing anything else there is little prospects here. There is hardly any economy, the Auction House has only 9,000 items on it at best Alliance side. (~5k for Horde). Most of the time I can’t sell anything on there. There’s barely any dungeons being run now, I have to wait until one of my guild’s tanks gets online or spend several hours trying to get a group together. If you think the old world is dead on your server then you’ll probably find literally no one in any old world zone on this server, except maybe 8 people meandering in Stormwind at best.

So our situation is not the best. Those that remain are trying to make the best of it, but its not a good or fun experience. I’m honestly not sure what the answer is. Free transfers and labeling the server for “new players” (a la retail) might help a bit but I doubt it’d do much. Connecting it to Grobb is a possibility but I think a lot would be opposed to that: the two servers cultures are very different. Think Emerald Dream vs The Venture Co. So, outside of TBC gaining massive popularity again I’m not sure what can be done.

Anyway longass rant as I am very frustrated and tired. I’m going to go farm elemental plateau as there should be no competition whatsoever right now.


Blizzard truly failed Deviate Delight.

It should have released at the same time alongside its sister server, Grobbulus, the west coast RPPVP server.

They believed so strongly that no one wanted RPPVP, that we almost didn’t get a single one. After months of threads/argument, they released the single one, on the west coast. So every guild and east coast person rolled there, thinking that would be it.

Grobbulus became FULL. Very full. Late in the game they released Deviate Delight, but it was too late. Many had already committed to their characters and guilds. In Classic that is a monumental effort to start over, especially those trying to stay on top of phases and be cutting edge.

Blizzard cares for your transfer money. They are wanting all of you to just give up and give your shiny dollars to them to say “Look! See? RPPVP wasn’t that high demand!”

They keep failing each server’s community one after the other, with their empty words of ‘player created problem’ when they’ve failed to regulate a damn thing.

I feel for you Deviate Delighters. Sorry they let your server die. There are many East and Central people on Grobbulus, if you need an RP community, we’re still here.

Even though we need more Horde, we still need our RPPVP community. We’ll welcome you with open arms and take care of you, unlike Blizzard.


Blizzard has failed alot of servers issue is they won’t take responsibility for it.

The best you can do is pay for an xfer.

I hear Benediction is good.

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To my DD RP homies: Grobb welcomes y’all with open arms. Sad to see the server go, but DD was put in way too late (not on prelaunch, but a few days after launch) which was too late for most of us who got comfortable on Grobbulus. (also because Grobb didnt get hit as hard as the others did with login queues…)


To be clear, DD launched 5 hours after WoW Classic launched: Three New Realms Now Open -- 8:20 p.m. PDT August 26

The challenge was that Blizzard did not want to create too many realms at launch (people would complain if this led to many dead servers) but they ended up underestimating demand and were creating new realms on the fly.

True, RP-PvPers already committed to Grob so despite the initial day congestion, not many would flip flop over to DD despite it launching mere hours later.

I play on both Grob and DD and yes, DD is hurting. It would be great if they could connect it to Grob (despite Grob having layers).

That said, since Bliz has left Grob and DD unconnected on Classic Era (and thus killing off those realms), I have no confidence that Blizzard will do anything about this.


Sadly, this is what they want.


Sadly it’s the only available option tho.

Incendius is also dead. Had a whopping 3 two handed swords on the AH the other day. RIP

What is this attempt at rewriting history? Deviate Delight launched the same day Classic did.

A few hours is all it takes when most of the day 1 grobb users who are still around are people who grabbed names during pre-launch. Queues on Grobb wern’t bad compared to the big 3 (~ 30 mins on grobb vs 3 hours+ on herod/faerlina/whitemane LMAO) And most RP guilds settled in within the first 24 hours. I still feel that DD was unnecessary now in retrospect as most of the day 1 glut of players/tourists died in p2.

Also didnt help that a general 3 hour romp through the starting zones turned into 12+ hours of hell because people wouldn’t group up and share mobs…as well as server crashes, lag outs/mass kicks…etc etc.

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What Pourrire said. I did not track Deviate Delights creation date, I just know it was late, and they were very persistently trying to get more to roll there for more numbers. And some, not all, were trying to poach people off of Grobbulus for months. It created bad blood between some.

Well I don’t know if the server was unnecessary per se. The server was fine til around phase 5ish when it started to quiet down. They did open up transfers from Grobb very early on, but never did so again. It was just never a very large server so it suffered more when people started to naturally quit the game. And then of course by all metrics TBC is not nearly as popular as Vanilla was.

If anything, they should offer free transfers to Deviate Delight, not free transfers off of it.


this would only work if they locked transfers to higher pop servers so low pop servers were the only option. nobody wants to transfer to a “dead server.” Its a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Free transfers is how most of these servers got ruined.

Along with the player base.


I have no doubt that there are high pop transferring to low pop to scalp like this. I really don’t think its an only Grobb thing, nor does it represent the server as a whole, so I am afraid I do not understand what the reply is inferring.

More or less showing the "general animosity’ you were talking about.

I have no doubt, but also these:

A few of the posters here were repeat offenders or would cause inflammatory posts in Grobbulus forums. And I am sure, if we search ‘poach’ in Deviate Delight, we’ll see something similar.