Grobbulus Mass DC

I literally just checked them :stuck_out_tongue: I’m already stuck in 4K queues so moving for another 4K queue is pointless.

I did the exact same thing, I was going to go on another server but it was warned to not pick it cuz of ques, so I swapped to Grob, then got screwed over by the server crash.

How about that streamer privilege though? LOLLLLLL

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Earlier they let people with DC’s reconnect with no queue so what happened there? Husband got DC’d before I got in and it let him right back in. And hour after playing it kicked both of us and put us in a huge queue again.

We aren’t crying about queues, we’re crying about having been the first to come, and getting booted into a line after spending a few hours on a character. I’d reroll on a different server, if I hadn’t already spent so much time on here.

They are opening new servers… so if you haven’t made a character on Grobbulus wait for a new server please… so those of us that got disconnected from Grobbulus can get back on. Three New Realms Now Open -- 8:20 p.m. PDT August 26

Asmon is in a 5.5 hour queue right now. it would appear that they have zero special access

Asmon just got DCed on Faerlina LOL. Most in eastern kingdoms got dced on their server.

We would move our whole guild to the RP-PvP realm but we saved our names here. If they’d let us save names on the new servers while we wait for them to open we’d move instantly.

I bet they get skipped to the front of the line! Watch… this gonna prove it.

i thought it was tin foil hatters. lets see how fast he gets back on before making final judgement…

He’s already gone down 1,000 in the queue, it’s moving pretty fast

Lol my queue says <1min but 3300 people ahead of me…

Yeah it keeps doing that. Their system is absolute garbage at estimates.

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Mine says < 1 minute as well (#6260 in queue). That’s some quality time estimation there!

It went from 121 minutes to <1 over the past few minutes…

Well at least there are 150k people witnessing what happened to us…

yeah, this will be solid proof. Imo, blizz should for sure hop him to the front, but i dont think they will. regardless, im all for streamer privilege. it just makes logical sense for blizz to do it, and it basically doesnt hurt anybody.

I fully relogged to install an addon a couple hours before the mass DC and got back in with no wait. This was on purpose 100% and it’s ridiculous.

Nawwwwwww an hour. Try wait 6

There was/is a 10-minute grace window on disconnects, but apparently that mechanism failed when the mass DC happened on several layers on grobb.