The WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Character Clone Service is Retiring Soon

The WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Character Clone Service is Retiring Soon

Heads up! The WoW®: Burning Crusade Classic™ Character Clone service will soon be cycled out of the® Shop. The service will go on sale shortly before it’s gone for good, allowing you one last chance to be in two places at once.

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Can you please make it so characters can move up through the classics whenever they’re ready for free?


i wonder if this will lead to wow tokens and character boosts being gone. guess all the classic cry babies are getting their way and restricting any new players into wanting to play.

can i start spamming wow classic is dying or dead now like they all do for retail?

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Will the deletion of locked clones in Era mean further server/player consolidation since it frees up data & player names?


Don’t you mean three places? Classic, TBC, and WotlK?

I have posted this thread summarizing the current state of Classic Era PVP realms for anyone considering copying.


sharing a post that gives a detailed breakdown of each of the Classic Era Clusters:

One More Thing: All Classic Era Clusters are joined together for the purposes of PvP Battleground queues.


At this time there is no plan for separate TBCC and Wrath Classic servers. TBCC will patch right into Wrath so there will still be two places: Classic Era and Wrath Classic once it launches.

Can you please change this to WoW classic: Era/burning crusade cloning service?

I feel Blizzard is not being too inclusive with that title, alienating a group of players especially since the classic era community are the ones that benefit most from this clone. Thanks!


Will this have any effect on the World of Warcraft Season of Mastery Transfers?

They were not around for the original snapshot process for the clone to be present so no.

… what? LOL Why wouldn’t they have TBC era servers?


Ask the developers. They stated there were none planned at this time for TBCC.

No “Era Realms” for Burning Crusade Classic Right Now

It was revealed that there would be no “Era Realms” for Burning Crusade Classic, and the Burning Crusade Classic client will just transition into Wrath of the Lich King, without any option for players to do character clone services.


This poor company is so out of touch with it’s playerbase.


I feel you there but remember the outcry with the Era to TBCC transition and clones.
Bet they are worried about that happening again.
Or sadly - they’ve looked at the numbers and are predicting even fewer would be interested in the clone option this go around. As they are preparing to delete characters that were not cloned to Era in the near future, cloning might be considered a loss for the company.

Just guessing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Funny to see them put it on discount and try to milk it one last desperate time before shutting it off.

“We know this is awful and are finally admitting defeat with it… but please buy it before we get rid of it. Thanks.”

I’m willing to bet at least 95% of players never paid for this and that the discount sales are still abysmal until you turn it off. Feel free to prove me wrong, but that would require you to actually use these forums beyond copy/paste announcements.


For those full BIS toons that love vanilla pvp, take advantage of the significantly cheaper classic era cloning fee of $5 (if you went to TBC) and join our pvp community!

We welcome whoever you may be that want to be part of the true WoW Vanilla community. :100:

Classic Era warmly welcomes you! We do BG nights every Fri/Sat from 7PM EST to late at night. Check out the PVP discord for more info:


with the freed up space can u consolidate classic era down to 1 pve and 1 pvp realm and give us tbc era realms?


If you clone, use the free transfer to move your characters to Whitemane (PvP) or Mankrik (PvE) clusters. There are raids taking place every week with multiple guilds / PUGs, as well as a healthier economy and AH. This is where you will find most of the population.


inb4 announcement of Vanilla Era servers being shut down and all those characters forcibly migrated to Wrath (or Cata; depending on when they pull the plug).

((They had no intention of providing a “museum” it was always a cash-grab/MAU-boost to buoy a floundering company.))