Returning to WoW after 4-5 years

Hi WoW community, I decided to give WoW another shot only because of WoW classic.

I originally started playing this game in 2005 and I think BC is so far the best they have been able to put out there for us, I raided and cleared everything in BC (before the big nerf they did), I used to play in a server called Nerzhul and I remember our guild (i totally forgot the name) was one of the very few who killed Kaelthas on TK, I remember we only killed him two times and I was there once, I remember the fight lasted forever…man what a good times!!!

Anyways, I am totally lost, I have two wow.exe files, one is for wow classic and the other one is for bc classic, I already started leveling my pally on the bc classic game but the server (even though it says it is full) is dead, no one talks on the trade channel, no one is LFG…should i play on the wow classic instead of the bc classic? i am already on level 10…help???

Thanks guys

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Alliance Benediction, Horde Faerlina or Whitemane, If you want a somewhat balanced Experience Grobulous.

None of the other servers are worth playing on right now.

Blizzard intentionally let server pops go crazy and 1 sided pvp realms generated millions for them in transfer money, so now there’s only 4 servers per region that have any players.


Thank you, I am creating my character again on Benediction, Human Palladin…anything else I should know?

Watch your back

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Check a site called Use that to make an informed decision on the realms that will suit your needs if you’re going to play TBC. Good luck, friend!

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The Classic project has been divided into two launchers: Progression (Currently in TBC soon to become WotLK) and Classic Era (pre-TBC; will NOT progress into TBC/WotLK). Classic Era has then been divided into Realm Types of Seasonal vs. Non-Seasonal.

A poster has already given you the reference realms for the Progression servers.

For Classic Era Seasonal (Season of Mastery, which is currently in phase 5/6 and slated to conclude late fall-early winter of 2022) the PvP realm of choice is Jom Gabbar and PvE is Shadowstrike.

For Classic Era Non-Seasonal (fully phase 6 progressed, all raid encounters unlocked) there are Connected Realms arranged into clusters by time-zone (Note: This is NOT Cross-Realm. The connected realms are effectively merged). Here is a snip of the Bluepost detailing all Classic Era Clusters:

Furthermore, the NA West Coast Clusters have been assigned a destination realm to receive free transfers from all other other applicable Classic Era Realms: PvP is Whitemane and PvE is Mankrik hence, these two realms will be the most populated. I play on the NA East PvP Cluster holding together the realms Benediction, Faerlina, Heartseeker, Incendius, and Netherwind. If you have any questions, ask away.


Not true, you didn’t mention either of the popular PvE realms being Pagle (A) or Mankrik (H). I’m on Mankrik personally, and there’s an insane population for those that don’t care to bother with world pvp.


thank you!!!

Thank you a lot mate!

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If you want to play Alliance come to Benediction and send me an in game mail and I will send you a care package.

Run now while you still can.

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