The WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Character Clone Service is Retiring Soon

with the freed up space can u consolidate classic era down to 1 pve and 1 pvp realm and give us tbc era realms?


If you clone, use the free transfer to move your characters to Whitemane (PvP) or Mankrik (PvE) clusters. There are raids taking place every week with multiple guilds / PUGs, as well as a healthier economy and AH. This is where you will find most of the population.

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inb4 announcement of Vanilla Era servers being shut down and all those characters forcibly migrated to Wrath (or Cata; depending on when they pull the plug).

((They had no intention of providing a “museum” it was always a cash-grab/MAU-boost to buoy a floundering company.))

or hear me out you guys want everyone to “go trough the leveling process” basically lvl 1 - max. when questing in classic era was horrible and the worse questing has ever been its boring and tedious. but because the classic boomers cried and cried about it they removed it and thus now any new players will have zero interested in TBC or wrath as they will be forced to start from scratch :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump for pve to pvp server transfers. I still want to get off pagle and go to Benediction. :smiley_cat: :smile_cat: :cat:

I don’t like the server name and other EST pve servers are dead for alliance side.

Please Blizz and thank you.

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Okay but can you take a new snapshot of classic era characters?

I was planning on skipping BC and moving up my classic era character to wrath.

But the snapshot is at level 44 and that’s super not worth it. I’d like to clone the current version of him which is level 60 with maxed out professions. WAY more worth it.


Bli$$ has those folks covered with a one time paid level boost. As for the typical situation of friends being scattered across realms and factions, they’ll be incentivized to pay for the TBC level boost while it’s still available.

Still, such a tone deaf response from Blizzard to the community, yet again. Just ditch the stupid cost and clone everything for everyone and be done with it. Remove the realm max character slots limit and problem solved. If people want to check out Era years later, like revisiting an old game save, they’ll have that option.