The Clique - Tank/Ranged DPS (11:15pm EST)

The Clique is a friendly, casual raiding guild on the Norgannon/Kargath server. Our guild boasts west coasters, east coast night owls, military, and few parents who find time to play after kids have gone to sleep.

We offer a stable, friendly environment for new and seasoned raiders that are looking for a break from hardcore environments or who want to step into the raiding . We focus on Normal and Heroic raiding and consistently have achieved our Ahead of the Curve achievements. Our goal is to see all that BFA has to offer and kill raid bosses along the way. We are AOTC complete.

We raid Tuesday and Sunday from 11:15pm to 2:15am EST and do Mythic Keystones/Classic WoW throughout the week. We are currently looking for some raiders to round out or raiding team.

We have a need for the following classes and roles:

—Tank Needs: Very High—
Death Knight - Off Spec
Demon Hunter - High
Druid - Off Spec
Monk - No Need
Paladin - No Need
Warrior - High

—Healer Needs: Low—
Druid - No Need
Monk - Low
Paladin - Low
Priest - No Need
Shaman - No Need

—Ranged DPS Needs: High—
Druid - No Need
Hunter - Medium
Mage - Very High
Priest - Low
Shaman - Very High
Warlock - Low

—Melee DPS Needs: Low—
Death Knight - Low
Demon Hunter - Low
Druid - Low
Monk - Medium
Paladin - Medium
Rogue - Low
Shaman - Medium
Warrior - Low

We are a group that plays because we enjoy the people that we play with and have fun together raiding or enjoying other aspects of the game. If this sounds like what you are looking for let us know here, in-game or on discord.

Guild Master: Real ID at Hadorya#1497 or Discord at Hadorya#3191
Guild Officer: Real ID at Jiae#1349 or Discord at Jiae#4010
Guild Officer: Real ID at Devils#11859 or Discord at Devils#3346

I’m just bumping this so I don’t get fined.

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We are indeed looking for more people to come and join use for raiding. Could really use a mage.

Primarily looking for a mage but we rarely turn down anyone with a decent profile.

We’re fun, you’ll love us!
Come on… you know you want to

Come one come all the the sparklyist raid you will ever see.

Is Classic wow taking most of your raiders? Are you still interested in raiding what is left of 8.2 and getting ready for the next raid tier? Or do you wanna still raid but dabble in wow classic with some fun people while you are doing both? Well then The Clique is the guild you are looking for. We are still currently raiding Eternal Palace AND some of us are also playing wow classic instead of alts for the time being. So come join us and have fun in both wow worlds.

Why yes I know there are a bunch of guilds that are falling apart sense classic came out and took a lot of people away from the retail version of wow. So why don’t you come check us out and see if we might be a good fit for you.

We need some GNOME power up in this raiding team. Even if you are not a gnome we could maybe work something out.

cool people raiding with other cool people. come check us out!

Come see the rest of the Eternal Palace raid with us or see it again but with a great group of people. Come one come all and see what we have to offer and how we have been around for so long.

Come one come all to the cool people raid. We are still looking for more peeps.

Hey! There are some west coast night owls too! Boomkin. Owl. I’m on the west coast. Get it? I know, I’m not very funny.

Anyway, we need a few more people. We are really fun and a good group of people.

That you are Emma.

We are still looking for a Mage and Elemental Shaman. Additionally, we now have a HIGH need for a tank as one of our MTs have real life requirements.

Come one come all and hang out with one of the better guilds still around. We have been through many xpacs and we are still kicking around. We are currently taking it easy while we are between raid tiers. But once we have a new tier we will be right back at it.