Stealth ability doesn’t feel stealthy because of Spy

Use it. Blizz should break it.


I agree, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they broke it. But for the time being, if someone can detect me from 100 yards away around a corner with 2 buildings in between, then I will too.


Breaking it would probably break Omnibar.

Boo hoo



You still get the first hit, or you know, just wait until they blow all their mana on aoe, trinkets arent in the game, you can do a full stunlock with your CDs against every single opponent you fight.

You can also just wait until they pull mobs for farming and then go in, since you get to pick your fights.

You could think about what you are doing and how to best go about doing it.


Seems like they should just remove Stealth from the combat log. Not much reason for it to be in there, since, it’s “Stealth”. Lol


i have very little sympathy for rogues. especially ud rogues.


Actually i was way back in vanilla. You can extract your combat log, turn off everything except enemy actions and make it red. I had that in the top middle of my screen so anytime an enemy player nearby stealthed, red text warning. Only thing that ever showed. This was 15 years ago.

No it doesn’t, it posts the PLAYERS coordinates as the last time the stealther was seen was at that players location.

Clearly YOU don’t.

You realize i can spam rank 1 arcane explosion literally forever right? My passive regen replaces the mana faster than i can use it.


Pro tip Harmondale from retail cow warrior who likes your posts even tho we disagree sometimes:

“Wave” or emote first using macro. Srsly.

Youll have more time to react to all their AE zerging and theyll eventually run out of mana not all lol.

Keep waving at max range if possible.

Im more careful on 1 v 2s + except those boxers.

But Spy isnt a big deal, its super obvious when they have it.

Plus the best part: when you do get the drop on them you absolutely know how mad they are.

Yesterday I laughed so hard when he came back after I killed him …he started jumping AE right after rez (I always stay in Spy range and blink in and out of stealth) and jumped right into mobs that respawned and died. Spy is funny.


The best counter…

Never unstealth unless you are breaking it with an attack.

Did STV teach you nothing?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey man dont advise using rank one ae like that. Dont you have water to create? Can I has UC port? 1G? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You weren’t that sneaky to begin with.


So why don’t you exploit it to make people panic? Why don’t you try to confuse them?


What’s the issue here? Someone isn’t going to AOE for 5 minutes straight. They may aoe for a minute max, then get bored and proceed to return to grinding/farming etc. That’s when you attack. Sorry to say bro but the addon does nothing illegal, it just parses the combat log.


You have to stealth further away from your victim


That’s not the point of the thread. At all. Reading comprehension.

The addon makes it very difficult to get the drop on other players because it shows coordinates for when you stealthed.
My advice is to use that to youe advantage. Stealth and move to confuse them. Make them second guess and wait it out. Don’t break stealth unless you have to or you engage the enemy.

Simple tactics done well can turn a fight into a victory quite easily.


I love how you literally skipped everything I said to zoom in on that, then claim reading comprehension LOL


That’s your argument? If the thread isn’t about the legality of it then it is worthless and pointless to add that bit into it. So yes, I “zoomed” in on that because you have no clue how to properly piece together a valid argument for the topic at hand.

No, it isn’t worthless homie. It’s a reminder just in case if he had that thought. My first bit of advice was the change in tactics just like you offered him, but you just want to scrap with someone online clearly.

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It is worthless because that is not what this thread is about. It is clearly and only about the fairness of it. It is not about legalities or whatever else you wish to proclaim.

I get that. I really do. Still not what the thread is about. So again, pointless to inject that into a conversation that was not even leading in that direction until you interjected.

I’m always looking to “scrap” online or anywhere. Keeps you sharp.

I don’t know why people keep saying this. I got invited to a group near south shore to gank some Horde, and one of the party members had the spy addon.

In party chat it kept spamming when a new player was within our location, and showed us the coordinates they were located in.

Tbh the moment a name popped up in party chat it was instant alert mode. This addon gave us a competitive advantage and removed the element of surprise for the enemy player.

Completely immersion breaking.