Server transfers

Does anyone know when server transfers are coming back? I’d assume prepatch but as far as I know Blizz hasn’t announced when they will return, anyone know?

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Nope. “Soon”. The blue post on April 30th said that realm transfers would be unavailable for “about a couple weeks”. Classic Blizzard vagueness.

Makes sense though, where are you going to transfer? The server you are on won’t exist soon. The server you’re looking to transfer to doesn’t exist yet either. We’re in a flux, a limbo. They will, at another unannounced date, “snapshot” our characters and copy us to the TBC realms. THEN you can transfer, because we’ll be in the new fish tank.

Right now we’re in the old fish tank.

I’m assuming the 18th, but who knows

This is all we know.

And asking people on the forums will not have more accurate information.

But I would assume the 18th or later depending on hickups with the snapshot system.

Hello yes! We intend to turn on the character transfer service soon after realms go live with the update next week. We need to keep transfers offline until we’re done snapshotting all characters, but that will be finished during maintenance, so realm transfers can be resumed thereafter.

On a related note, we’ve made a small change to realm transfer restrictions. Previously, a player-character was restricted to taking a maximum of 2000 gold with them. Going forward, that maximum has been raised to 5000 gold.


Any plans to change the restriction behind transfering from pve to pvp realms?


They should never change this.

It had a good reason behind it and it should stay completely restricted.


towards the end of tbc they lifted it so… one can hope right?

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Thank you for answering this question!



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Will they open account to account transfers ?

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Does this mean that if we choose to copy, it will be from this snapshot and not at any point thereafter?

Yes, of course it does. That was already established.


Your toons will forever be in may 18th stasis until you activate them. If you are unsure on how the clone service works check out my post here:


With multiboxing banned why not? I had friend in TBC who got his character off his dads account.

No it did not have a good reason behind it. Like a lot of reasons that were originialy used, after they put some common sense thought into it, they changed it. When you know something is wrong, why keep it that way just because its historical.

I boost a toon to 58. I realize i didnt want to be the race i chose. Willing to pay to switch. What is the good reason to not allow it?

Oh, dis gonna be good.

You should have been willing to suffer

Give Anathema free transfer i find it unfair that I have come to this server as a result of a “solution” for servers that had 4 hours of queue, and now that I want to go back to play, the server is dead you can never do anything and on top of that they want me to pay a transfer? good round business.

they will eventually remove it because that’s what is most profitable.