Clarification on Gold Cap for TBC Classic Xfer

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I was able to move a level 52 character with 5000g once the servers & transfers were back online Thursday evening. Based on my reading of the forum posts above, this made sense to me; blue posts made it seem like it had been raised to 5k. However, on reading the support article, it comes into contradiction.

Is the gold cap now back to 2k? I had waited to move another character to gather some last few things, but now I am unable to move with the gold I had distributed.

I’m not here to agonize over the gold – I’m just trying to get some clarification so others don’t make this same mistake.

According to the Support article:
WoW Classic transfer cap is 2k.
TBC Classic transfer cap is 5k.


From level 51-69 the gold transfer limit is 2,000g and for level 70 characters the cap is 5,000g.

For a short time following pre-patch, the caps were not being correctly enforced for their level ranges. These ranges/caps could of course be adjusted in the future at the discretion of the World of Warcraft team.


Thanks for the clarification. Didn’t realize it depended on the level of the character as well.


Thanks for the clarification

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