Server transfers gone?

I want to do a server transfer on classic, but when I open the shop it says nothing is available. Did they stop allowing server transfers on classic?

Yes transfers are closed. They clarified that you need to wait until prepatch and sometime soon after that comes out transfers will be open again.


They went down April 30th and will be back the 18th

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Look right at the top of this forum for your answer… you typically do this before making a thread.


Where have you been?

When they are back up, will you be able to purchase a Classic Server Transfer with Blizzard Balance? I made a terrible mistake being on a PVP server (I play casually with videos on my second monitor) :slight_smile:

According to the website you can use Blizzard Balance for character transfers:

" Digital games and services

Use Balance to buy World of Warcraft realm transfers and other paid services, as well as digital versions of Blizzard games like Diablo III and StarCraft II."