Bot Bonanza? Huge Gold Increase

The amount of gold you can transfer between servers has almost trippled.

Blizz/botter relationship confirmed?


Nope. Sorry.

Blizz/player relationship confirmed. A whole lot of players have requested this increase.

Unless you decide that every player with more than 2,000 gold “must be a botter”. I’ll let you handle that.


At least wait until Sunday to troll, Glenda


I do believe the amount of gold in the economy is at least partly due to bots. I think the other , probably more significant contribution is the increased size of the classic server populations as compared to vanilla.


This change is good for many players, my friend wants to transfer, but 2,000g is a pretty small limit when epic flying in TBC costs 5,000g


If anything they should have reduced the gold transfer to 500


I really wasn’t trying to troll or I would have been more subtle.

I was just excited by what I see as a positive change.

How am I going to buy anything in a GDKP for 500 gold?

I mean… obviously, this doesn’t confirm anything but Bots have been ruining the economy for the last year and Blizzard has done very little to remedy the bot problem.

Also increasing the gold cap will only encourage server transfers which is bad for server stability and faction balancing so … yeah kinda pathetic change.

Would be nice to see Blizzard take a stronger stance against bots but for now guess they are just gonna line their wallets with more money from the terrible state of servers/faction balance and the economy.


Do a few GDKP and ya have all the gold you need. Ya silly goose.

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I just rerolled on a PvP server a month ago. I’ll be happy to have my druid to lvl 70 before season one starts, let alone have time to run raids.

Well, you really only need 10 gold starting at level 1 as seed money for a new character (Classic vanilla) to avoid any of the leveling expense hurdles. (TBC is way easier)

As for the speed of leveling, that’s a completely different problem. I don’t know any good ways to make Druid leveling faster… you’re gonna need one of them feral experts; they have all the answers.

As for gearing, meh, don’t worry much about that, just cruise to 70 and by the time you’re 68 the gear you have from Outland dungeons and leveling should be fine for Karazan if you’re in a guild…

IMO steer clear of pugs in phase 1, they are usually bad and full of them selves. By phase 2 people will have chilled out a bit and pugs become fun again.

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literally anything happens

this forum I swear


Yeah, we’re just looking at having some fun, we’re old people with too much going on to worry about being min maxed for season 1.

You know what I really miss? Pugging that stupid mini raid after you win Wintergrasp in WotLK. For all the complaining, that was a ton of fun later in the expansion.

Are you saying they aren’t?


Archivon or whatever his name was… the bit giant with like spears and crap stuck in his armor and legs…

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Bot accounts buy server transfers?

It’s cheaper to server transfer than to level another toon or buy a boost where they’re needed.

FOR A PLAYER! Its cheaper for a player to server transfer than level another toon or boost.

A bot will just bot.

$25, or whatever amount transfers cost where it’s cheap, is a lot less than the money they lose leveling a new toon.

Plus, contrary to popular belief, most bots don’t operate 24/7, that’s a good way to get spotted and banned.

4 days of botting costs way less than the transfer cost.

They don’t have to operate 24/7. The accounts can be rotated like farm crops.

Bot accounts paying money for Blizzard services is a hilarious concept. These are player friendly conveniences, not exploits for bot accounts to abuse.

They’re not getting max level in four days, or even four days /played. Botting to level is far more inefficient than that. A boost is money in the bank.