What's wrong with Vanish?

what’s also garbage is sapping someone in pvp puts you into combat

This is found to be accurate.

Sapping someone in vanilla ALWAYS put you into combat, briefly. This has been confirmed by videos from vanilla showing this to be the case. So sapping putting you into combat is definitely not a bug.


It’s been broken since classic launch. The problem is: (wait for surprise)

Spell batching


Been broken for a long time now and still no fix by blizzard. Sad face. :confused:

Vanish and feign death just shouldnt be spell batched. That would fix 99% of the problems.

About 14 hours ago, we deployed a hotfix that should have addressed Vanish.

Basically, Vanish should cause enemies to drop target, and we had a bug that was preventing them from dropping target. We fixed the bug.

There are still intended conditions in which enemies can “see through” Vanish, of course. (Example: the Bloodhounds in BRD)

As this hotfix required server restarts to take effect, we expect that it is now working as intended on realms in the Americas, and will be picked up with maintenance tomorrow in Europe.


Wow a fix.

Please keep it up, lol.


Just had a hunter pet not drop aggro through vanish


Any plans on having the double batch delay of execute fixed?

Great news. I will be testing this out tonight.

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And what about the honor issue? Nothing?

It took us about 90 days to get any response to this particular problem. Get your own thread. XD


Sick now fix mana burn in druid forms, or at the very least add it to the known bug list, and most importantly RELEASE WARSONG GULCH.

Warsong is phase 3 or 4.

Glad you guys are working on this, hope that your fix works out.

Its still broken.


Yeah it does not work in PVP that’s for sure.

I did some tests last night with a friend to find out how good Vanish is; still does not clear enemy player target in a reliable way.

Additionally Break on “damage” effects don’t break on damage in the way that they ought too, but stealth breaks if you look at it wrong… (just like break on damage should)

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Attempted to pick some pockets as I am low on blind powder for pvp and discovered vanish was not working. Mentioned it in guild to find that it was supposed to be fixed yesterday. As of 11/20, the issue is unresolved. With three standard humanoids attacking me, I can vanish, preparation and vanish again with no chance of resetting threat. I tested this several times in a row on the pickpocket route in BRD.


Just got chased in LBRS by 2 mobs, sprinted so i was at least 10 yards away and vanished and they didn’t drop target or stop pursuing me at all.

Clearly not fixed.


Playing on Stalagg Horde. I just gouged 1 npc (improved gouge) and blinded the other, then ran away 20 yards. I then vanished while still moving away. When gouge wore off, the npc proceeded to continue to chase me. The NPC does not have stealth visibility. This has occurred to me in other manner with other npcs 4 times in a row now.

If anything, it is now even more broken. Not fixed.