Marks of Honor Are Lasting Too Long in the Mail

Bug: Marks of Honor in the Mailbox are lasting for 30 days instead of 24 hours.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Collect 20 Warsong/Alterac Marks of honor
  2. Win or lose the BG of which you have 20 marks
  3. Check mailbox
  4. The marks will be deleted after 30 days

24 hours is the intended amount:
44 By [bangy][on 2006/12/05](Patch 2.0.1)

“A mark is obtained by playing a game of Warsong Gulch until the end - you do have not to have started when the battle started, but you must be at the end.
If the battle is won, 3 marks are obtained, but only 1 is received if it is lost. Marks are automatically put into your inventory, but if there is no space, it is sent to your mailbox. However, note that it will disappear in 24 hours, so clear some space and get it back fast!”

Patch 1.11.2:
“once you have 20 of these(inventory and bank combined), you can’t carry any more. when you complete a wsg, if the token reward would give more then 20, they go to your mailbox instead. they are on a short timer (only 24 hours) in your mailbox before they disappear. you can’t get them out of your mailbox until you turn in some of the ones you already have.”

From ThottbotBy tobiason [on 2006/12/16] (Patch 2.0.1)

"Subject: “Marks Of Honor"I have 100 AB marks now. When I continue to participate in raids, afterwards (when we win), I receive no marks, but I get a mail from the battlemaster. It is a message that says that I cannot carry any more marks, and has 3 marks attached. I can save the mail, but for only 24 hours.”

Having marks last 30 days can lead to people saving up marks for a month and grief other people ranking.


We’re working on a hotfix for this issue. After the hotfix is applied and certain servers are restarted, we’re going to try to modify your mail so that anyone who has these will not be able to carry them over into the next week.

And going forward, new Marks of Honor in the mail will have a 24-hour expiration.

Thank you for the report!

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Oh i see how you work. Just respond to cherry-picked posts that you’ve already fixed the problem for and ignore the months-old ones that we’d love to know you’re at least aware of.

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