Buff Cap and Hidden Auras

that you’re paying $15 a month for :stuck_out_tongue:

This needs to be top priority, literally dont want to get better gear or enchants…making me not even wanting to play the game.

Enjoying my MoTW, Omen and Thorns randomly dropping off while doing 5 man content.
Thanks Blizzard.

The good server closed for classic, and my friends are here.

I know how you feel :frowning:

With scheduled maintenance earlier today, we applied the following hotfix:

WoW Classic

  • Enchantments on gear should no longer count as helpful auras. They now count as passive auras.

There are still some enchantments occupying helpful slots – notably, the Arcanum enchants that will come from Dire Maul and other enchantments that are applied via item rather than via the enchanting profession. This was the case in our 1.12 reference.

Thank you very much!


I can’t believe its a blue post.

The gods shine upon us this day.

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:smile: xd

nice so you remove our current enchants from messing up our world buffs only to add more enchants that do mess up our world buffs!



Any chance we can put in a ticket to get the arcanums removed from our item or delete our item and return an item without enchant on it?

Do you mind providing a list of all the items that are considered helpful auras and will take up a slot?

You say “Arcanum enchants that will come from Dire Maul.” Does that mean the Arcanums from before don’t, or all arcanums do, including the new ones?

Also, this. I’d love to be able to remove these effects so I can actually use world buffs without being worried that a Renew is going to push it off.

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Thank you very much for this! The warriors and rogues in the guild have been losing their minds over this.

It would be lovely to know, and absolutely worth checking with your reference client. Currently, the Tribute buffs from Dire Maul can be stacked by running a new lockout after gaining the buffs, this can be used to, for example, gain hundreds of AP and multiple +15% stamina buffs, until you fill up your buff slots. I know things take time to confirm, but it would be wonderful to know if this is truly intended or not! A lot of people are afraid of being banned, it FEELS unintentional, but old sources (I don’t seem to be allowed to link sadly) seem to say this existed back then.

spend 1200G on lionheart helm

enchant it


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Is every healing class but Paladin going to get a free class change because of this? Is every piece of gear going to be able to be duplicated so one can be for raiding (without arcanums) and one for pvp (with arcanums)?

#NoChanges is just a meme btw; you’ve already changed the game with layers, so no one’s going to be mad at legit QoL bug fixes.

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so in other words nothing useful was done this day.
GG Blizzard.

For people who like to minmax the game this is pretty much gamebreaking. I watched one of my favorite streamers, a warrior, get all his world buffs and stack pots and jujus, only for his songflower to be pushed off by a priest bubble or some other dumb buff.

For those people who enjoy the min max, this is basically an unsubbable bug. They spend hours farming buffs and getting pots, only for this well known issue have something dumb like underwater breathing push off their hard earned work.

Many people continue to play only with the implied understanding that this is all temporary and will eventually be fixed.

it has been acknowledged, and supposedly addressed, but it is still not fixed. Just like feign.

This stuff matters to people. Maybe not you. Hell, maybe not even me. But none the less, still needs to be fixed immediately.

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They announced in the OP that we will most likely never reach the passive aura cap so thats ok.

Just to give people an idea of how many helpful auras warriors (alliance tanks specifically) are dealing with:

Should Always Have

  1. Paladin Aura
  2. Fort
  3. Gift
  4. Kings
  5. Might
  6. Leader of the Pack
  7. Trueshot Aura
  8. Furious Howl (hunter wolf pet)
  9. Flask
  10. Mongoose
  11. Juju1 (str)
  12. Juju2 (ap)
  13. Gift of Arthas
  14. ROIDS or Ground Scorpok Assay
  15. Flurry (talent)
  16. Enrage (talent)
  17. Crusader 1
  18. Crusader 2
  19. Helm Arcanum
  20. Legs Arcanum
  21. Rallying Cry
  22. Songflower
  23. DM stam
  24. DM AP buff
  25. Battle Shout
  26. Food
  27. Blood Pact
  28. Bloodthirst

Not Essential, But Commonly Used
29) Light
30) Sanctuary
31) Renew
32) Rejuv
33) Regrowth
34) Power Word: Shield
35) Inspiration (priest talent)
36) Thorns
37) Fire Shield
38) Elixir of Fortitude
39) Elixir of Superior Defense
40) Potion Effect (Mighty Rage OR Free Action OR Greater Stoneshield)
41) Rumsey Rum
42) Savory Deviate
43) Shield Spike (this would mean you could only have 1 Crusader aura though)
44) Mithril Spurs (shouldn’t have this enchant, but yea…)
45) Shoulder enchant from ZG or Argent Dawn rep (will become essential)
46) Cloudkeeper Legs 100 AP buff
47) 2nd Paladin Aura (for some bosses)
48) Juju Ember (fire resist)
49) Juju Flurry

We Think Don’t Count As Helpful Auras, But Not Sure
Dense Sharpening Stone or Weightstone
Elemental Sharpening Stone

List will obviously be slightly different for horde, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but as you can see, it’s VERY easy to get to the cap of 32 “helpful auras.”

It’s incredibly frustrating to have to bind all my abilities to a /cancelaura macro, force our priests and druids to NOT use hots or pws, and avoid using a dozen of the buffs that my class can benefit from. Is there a good reason why we can’t raise the “helpful aura” cap to 100 or some other unreachable number, like you did for passive auras? What’s the downside??


There are still some enchantments occupying helpful slots

This was the case in our 1.12 reference.


It would seem vanilla had a limit for how many buffs people could stack themselves