Rated Solo Shuffle Update

Maybe what they meant is for when DF comes out? Not Pre Patch?

There should be a “Soloist” unique mount reward before the 0.1% title. Maybe a ground mount specifically made for this game mode (with each season). It’s a shame that the title “Soloist” is just from winning 150 Solo Shuffle games and has no real value to it. It would have been a perfect title reward that’s similar to the “Gladiator” title, and it would have been a great reward in addition to the unique mount reward I suggested above. I’d say remove the title from people that have it already and add it to the rated mode in the spot “Gladiator” would be, but that’s also not fair for the people currently with this title. Maybe just add ranks before Soloist, for example, Duelist Soloist and Gladiator Soloist. Or, Solo Rank, so: Solo Duelist, Solo Gladiator, and change Crimson Soloist to Solo Crimson Gladiator.


What is the point of playing solo shuffle when every game there is someone leaving the game, which prevents you from getting rating even though you just won 4 rounds? There is no real punishment for leaving so people who don’t like the outcome will simply leave…


This guy gets it ^

Happy for the arrival of Solo shuffle. A couple issues:

  • no conq awarded for going 3/6, which is pretty lame considering how long the queue and matches are.
  • only 10 more Conq per win than 2s; this is pretty bad when the queue is 6 minutes and the match itself lasts 3-5x times longer than your average 2s game, which also doesn’t help the leaver sitch.
  • leavers need real punishments, not deserter debuff
  • playing with and against a tank instead of a healer is awful; if they aren’t removed from solo shuffle altogether, we should have a the ability to queue for heals/dps only matches.

Thank you for your continued feedback on Rated Solo Shuffle. As mentioned in the original post, we want to disincentivize players from leaving their match, punish them appropriately, and have minimal impact on players who did not leave.

After an update we intend to make next week, players who leave a Rated Solo Shuffle match will now lose personal rating equivalent to losing all 6 rounds within a match, while the remaining players will not have a change in their rating.

Additionally, we will increase the duration of the deserter penalty on repeat leavers.

We’ll continue to monitor feedback and player behavior in Rated Solo Shuffle. Thanks again!


This is a great change, game will end no consequence for players who stayed, and can q right back up. Next hopefully we can see a conq bump, understanding that it shouldnt be the main source of conq because it requires the least amount of effort to complete and games are much faster but a little bump would be nice.

Its a good update, but it’s still not enough.

Rating should be calculated at the current game one player left, because if a player leaves you end up with 0 rating won or lost, kinda like a draw, but you wasted your time.

But it should just calculate the rating based on the current game, so if you did 3-2 you’ll have rating based on that even if someone leaves at the last game.


So good. Thank you. Now please remove the tank brackets and allow 1 tank to take a dps slot in a series.


My suggestion for leavers that would be better than ANY penalty.

Given this is solo shuffle, make it known that if a person leaves - a random member on the other side will be granted a win and removed as well, battle then continues with one fewer player on each side.

Can almost guarantee that people will think twice about leaving if someone ELSE will be rewarded :slight_smile:

I think hes implying it wouldn’t change negatively right? But if you had wins already before the leaver you would get credit for those no?

I suppose if people never leave it will work, but otherwise not good enough. When you’re 5-0 sat in a 10min queue played for another 10-15min and then you get kicked out for ABSOLUTELY nothing it does not feel good.
Atleast make it give guaranteed loot boxes.


What about upgrading out gear, any change on that, or is it a bug


You need to fix the reason people are leaving. Raid frames do not work in solo shuffle which effectively makes healers unable to participate. Increasing the penalty without solving the underlying problem fixes nothing.

No idea, the wording make it sound like you won’t lose rating anymore if someone leave, but doesn’t mention anything about gaining rating either, it’s like in the end you just got 0.

This is good, thank you.

We need a solution to queue times.

There should be a way to include triple dps. Maybe change the rules to require killing the whole team, and adjust the conquest rewards for any increase in average match time.

It wouldn’t matter if the games are a bit longer if the rewards were adjusted in kind, and it would drastically reduce queue times.

Triple dps isn’t possible with the current ruleset of killing one player. But it could work if you needed to wipe the whole team.

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allow tanks to q into healers problem solved
tanks stay 0 rating
qs still quick

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If theyre not going to have a glad title available in solo then it need its own equivalent title, crimson soloist is the r1 equivalent, where is the glad equivalent?


Counter Point: make it so tanks only queue into other tanks. Let the tanks 3v3 themselves to their heart’s content.