Update - More punishment for SoloQ leavers

Oh, so if somebody leaves at any point then everybody else gets zero rating gain or loss?

That doesn’t seem ideal.


Indeed, I don’t particularly agree with this method because it’s still a waste of time, even tho the leaver is more punished now for losing all 6.

But it should just calculate the rating based on the current game, so if you did 3-2 you’ll have rating based on that even if someone leaves at the last game.

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Yep. I figured it’d just play out the remaining matches as if the leaver had lost each round for the purposes of everybody elses rating. Or at least count games up until that point.

Smashing a shuffle so hard that one guy leaves at the last second and getting nothing will feel AWFUL.


I still think this issue will resolve itself past like 1200 cr with this in place. Not perfect but good enough unless we see otherwise down the road. Kinda unfair if you were grouped with the “bad” players and lost 2 then they leave etc. This way it’s as fair as can be and should (hopefully) not happen often. Especially not when it matters at higher cr.

So wait… if I want to tank my rating now I can just leave straight away and it’ll count as six losses?

This is awesome! Deranking is gonna be so easy!

Better pack a lunch.

I’ve got 15 mages. They could ban each for a week and I wouldn’t notice.

Why would one want to derank?

Yeah, this is why these things need to be account-wide. :dracthyr_love_animated:


I think I’ve had about 6 successful 6/6 solo queue match ups since prepatch launch. Every single other game has had someone leave within the first 5 matches.


In those cases they will likely give you a vacation

I just want them to fix the great vault, upgrading, and mount progression

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You gotta be able to climb first before you can worry about deranking

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is account wide a thing? so they cant just log into another character and do it again? i had a leaver today and i gained nothing from the match. :confused:

How about they also add achievements, this feels worthless in general.

The level of mental illness required to intentionally lose/leave solo shuffle matches on 15 separate characters for no personal gain beyond irritating strangers on the internet isn’t something solvable by game systems.

Only family intervention and intense psychotherapy has any hope of affecting change in that person’s life.

The deserter buff just needs to work like the old rules for changing your Azerite powers. The penalty ramps up quickly every time, and only ticks down once a week on reset day.

If we go with the penalty structure as follows and make it an account-wide flag:

1 min
15 min
60 min
6 hours
1 day
3 days
1 week

Repeat offenders go away.

If you can’t behave yourself, stick to cycling through partners in LFG 3s. If your internet is sketchy, spend your first 1 week ban working a side hustle for enough money to pay for proper internet for the rest of the year.

I see no reason to start handing out rating based on rounds won in partial matches. MMR is not a reward. Just remove the griefers from the ecosystem. It’ll take some time, and that’s fine.


punish the leavers all you want,

but if winning 4 rounds and having someone leaves means you get NOTHING people wont even q up to begin with as their time could be wasted.


Yeah, even as an infrequent occurrence. If somebody goes 0-4 and gets upset then leaves but nobody else in that game gets any wins (or losses) it’ll be super discouraging experience.

Games should be treated as separate matches, you just commit to a block of 6.


honestly if i went 0-3 because i had the leaver on my team (they usually leave round 4 or more) and i didnt have the opportunity to win my next 3 against the leaver, then i’d be kinda upset.

tbh i think i’d rather have my time wasted than lose rating like that.


Best solution imo.

Making someone leaving invalidate all matches just opens the gate for some late-season high rated shenanigans that we all know people are petty enough to engage in.

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