Thoughts on rated solo queue rn?

You do need to upgrade it if you want it to be useful outside of PvP though. There’s going to be an upgrade system for increasing the PvE item level of PvP gear

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Blue post specifically stated that you would be able to upgrade gear in pre-patch (also that rated solo would count towards vault and mount progress), so I’m guessing this is a bug that they will eventually fix. But I think we all know this will be way near the bottom on their list of priorities


But I don’t see how it is after yesterday they didn’t fix it and left it all day like this and then had an hour of maintenance - and this is after a blue post came in saying it would take a server restart to fix these pvp issues… how misleading making me think it would be THIS restart oof brah feelsbadman

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i’m honestly not worried. if theyre focusing on making dragonflight good, i’m all for it.

as of right now the talent system looks so diverse. like there are so many different talents that are really good and situational. and the number #1 thing i hated about shadowlands was that i hardly ever had to change my talents.

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I don’t like it man but I dunno maybe I’ll come around. Every single match I have to change talents which imo is alot of work or die instantly with little healing and little damage on the run.

I agree, diversity is good in talents and I like the many builds players have. I think that’s really cool as far as trying to guess the build you’re going against and predict the meta, kind of reminds me of the way I would have to build my decks in Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone and hope I was right about the meta representation that day.

I’m personally not huge on the constant updating of talents for every single game, especially when Solo Queue prep time is short mid match. However I think it was great foresight to make a preset and save talent option. That should prove extremely helpful in this regard.

I feel like this would create its own problem where only the better suited dps specs leave it on and further narrow that pseudobracket. Just enforcing normal 3s format solves the problem imo.

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the queue its self is suspiciously holding people back it seems. it feels like it is not popping as soon as enough people are queued, but after an artificially long time just to keep you logged in waiting.

if you watch some streamers all their queues pop at around the same time, but they are in different matches. too many times to be coincidence imo.

Yep. Really takes the wind out of my sails if I’m being honest. Hype turned into despair and disappointment.


Well they listened finally

What and where is the blue post that saying it would take a server restart to fix these pvp issues?

The INTEND to do it.

That is just for updating the Rated Solo for ppl who leave early will lose rating, it’s not for the conquest gear upgrade for Rated solo


yes that’s right hoping this maintenance that just hit this morning a minute ago will fix the solo shuffle conquest gear upgrading problem - around 30m-1hr to go

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How about games counting towards vault/mount fix?

Nope, looks like everything is still broken from what I’m seeing - wonder what they were trying to do this maintenance, none of my problems been addressed and no update to when they are going to attempt fixes (only for the penalty system not specifically for the gear upgrading issue from rated solo shuffle).

I dont think they want to fix it, it’s intended .

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think you may be on to something but I’m going to go to bed now stay strong bro

solo ques sucks they queue are bad 30min to play the game