Update - More punishment for SoloQ leavers

How about they also add achievements, this feels worthless in general.

The level of mental illness required to intentionally lose/leave solo shuffle matches on 15 separate characters for no personal gain beyond irritating strangers on the internet isn’t something solvable by game systems.

Only family intervention and intense psychotherapy has any hope of affecting change in that person’s life.

The deserter buff just needs to work like the old rules for changing your Azerite powers. The penalty ramps up quickly every time, and only ticks down once a week on reset day.

If we go with the penalty structure as follows and make it an account-wide flag:

1 min
15 min
60 min
6 hours
1 day
3 days
1 week

Repeat offenders go away.

If you can’t behave yourself, stick to cycling through partners in LFG 3s. If your internet is sketchy, spend your first 1 week ban working a side hustle for enough money to pay for proper internet for the rest of the year.

I see no reason to start handing out rating based on rounds won in partial matches. MMR is not a reward. Just remove the griefers from the ecosystem. It’ll take some time, and that’s fine.


punish the leavers all you want,

but if winning 4 rounds and having someone leaves means you get NOTHING people wont even q up to begin with as their time could be wasted.


Yeah, even as an infrequent occurrence. If somebody goes 0-4 and gets upset then leaves but nobody else in that game gets any wins (or losses) it’ll be super discouraging experience.

Games should be treated as separate matches, you just commit to a block of 6.


honestly if i went 0-3 because i had the leaver on my team (they usually leave round 4 or more) and i didnt have the opportunity to win my next 3 against the leaver, then i’d be kinda upset.

tbh i think i’d rather have my time wasted than lose rating like that.


Best solution imo.

Making someone leaving invalidate all matches just opens the gate for some late-season high rated shenanigans that we all know people are petty enough to engage in.

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Like, I guess it feels bad for people to not have the opportunity to turn their matches around if they already lost several games with the person who left, but everybody just having all their efforts instantly invalidated because one person was demoralized is going to feel bad. Especially early, and it could hurt the mode.

Early impressions are important and if the first month of Crimson is just half of matches being abandoned and people having 10+ minutes wasted after a 10 minute queue then the mode will suffer.


there will probably be a lot less leavers when the game isn’t bugged AF

for example, I wouldn’t leave if my party frames worked, but im not tryna heal with no frames


if they dont want to give rating they could give you an mmr boost, dunno if that would end up with redic inflation, but it would give you the opportunity to gain more points in the next game than you would have previously

The other players who had their time wasted should get an buff that puts them at the top of their next queue. It’s pretty depressing to wait 6-10 minutes for the queue only to have a leaver, get 0 rating, and then have to sit in another 6-10 minute queue. Shouldn’t be too hard to code since there’s already that mechanism of being top of the queue when someone doesn’t join.


Could give a rating based on the percent of wins you had for the match overall for the people who stayed, if someone drops out early.

The debuff should, at some point be account wide, starting on the 2nd or 3rd offense, and be equal to the total number of times matches were dropped. So if you drop one one one character, then log on another on alt the same day and drop again, that is a total debuff of leaving early twice overall.

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Good ! Now, fix /camp !

I swear ur rounds won and lost still count towards ur personal mmr. Even in the case of not finishing. Quite a few matches in a row i had decent wins before ending and my mmr went up. Then i had some bad ones with the game not finishing and lowered mmr as well. I do like that if thats actually the case.


Might be the case yeah, i noticed something similar.

hopefully queue times improve drastically because I don’t want to wait in BG esque queues just for an arena match.

1st leave 15 min wait

2nd leave 1 day

3rd leave/qd as tank 6 month ban

So I can abuse the hell out of it this week. Okay thanks, will do. I intend to stop it next week. I also intend to buy gold from you not from a Russian gold seller. Next week. I totally intend. Pinky promise.

Great idea honestly.

Exactly, thats 15-20 minutes of wasted time only to queue back in for another 8-10 minutes and hope it doesnt happen again. Im all about the grind but you cant even grind out rating when you never get rewarded for dubs.

Hello blizzard solo queue is a mess you guys really need to make it where players can’t leave once in the arena like disable the leave party button on the player picture frame or the queue dragon eye option or both would be alot better .thanks