Solo shuffle solution rewards/punishment

Here is how you solve the rated solo shuffle leaver / reward issue.

The solution: Every round is treated as its own win or loss credit. These numbers are only an example.

Every round win adds to your pool of rewards at the end of the match.

1 round win will result in 25 conquest and 125 honor.
1 round loss will result in 50 honor.

your CR will do something similar in a background calculation and at the end of the shuffle your CR will change based on the aggregate.

“winning” the shuffle is equal to winning at least half of the rounds played. this adds 3 rounds of victory rewards for the first win of the day, and 1 round of for any wins after that.

“losing” the shuffle is only capable if 6 rounds are completed or if you leave. Leaving results in system treat you as going 0-6 regardless of any rounds won.
anything less than 4 rounds completed no player can be counted as having lost.
with 5 rounds completed a player with only 1 win will be counted as having “lost” the shuffle.

This means that any player in the shuffle has a reason to continue playing to at least get a victory or two in terms of rounds, as it will still further the progress of your character. 50 conquest for winning only 2 rounds still helps a person improve their character and doesn’t make leaving as worth while to their time.

mate they just made a blue post on this. on leavers at least:

Im very aware of blizzards increased punishment,

but why play rated shuffle at all if you cannot get rewards when someone leaves.

win 5 rounds and you wont be given a loss, but you wont be given a win either. you just wasted your time.

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Yeah that sucks, but if you look at rated arena and bg’s now you often “waste your time” whenever you lose. When someone leaves it’s really just a loss for everyone. It’s definitely unfortunate, but it’s the fairest way to handle it and the simplest. With the harsh penalty it also shouldn’t happen very frequently the higher you climb.