Bans being issued for SS leavers

The simple fix to leavers is to have a sliding scale of lost mmr the higher you climb. So if you are at 2400 mmr and you realise your mmr is gonna drop to 2385, and you drop game resulting in a forfeited match, your mmr drops to 2300. On top of the 100 point mmr drop you should receive a 30 minute deserter debuff, that compounds each time you leave up to an hour, with a weekly reset. Drop out of more than 5 matches in a week, be put on a week long deserter debuff for ALL queued content, skirmishes, bgs, lfr, lfg, EVERYTHING.

Note* The deserter week long deserter debuff would be just that, a 7 day debuff, not one that resets with realms.

Throw the book at these people who waste everyones time.

Love how people are cheering for Blizzard allegedly banning leavers for an issue Blizzard created and haven’t attempted to fix in any ways shape or form.

Can we ban Blizzard and give this game to a real company?


so its blizzards fault people are scummy?


It’s Blizzard’s fault for letting such an obvious exploit be rampant, especially considering they got told repeatedly back all the way in october that the penalty for leaving and punishing every other players in the lobby because of the leaver was going to lead to major issues with leavers.

maybe they’re having issues solving the problem. it still comes down to the community and if you take a look at the people who leave, they all follow a certain pattern of behaviors. and that issue is that theyre degenerates. so ban them and make the game better for us who are not degenerates.

FYI, theyre abusing a bug which is bannable.

Literally not a bug.
It’s exactly the way they said it was going to work:

Specifcally said “lose personal rating equivalent to losing all 6 rounds within a match”
They never said MMR would be affected.

It’s not really a bug, though.

Is personal rating and mmr not the same thing? Genuine question.

thats obviously a misinterpretation and a mistake on their part.

No, they’re separate. Kind of.

More like lack of foresight or solution. The -150 CR was meant to be a deterrent and it isn’t a big enough of one to stop a lot of people form leaving to preserve their mmr.

Personal Rating is the rating you see on the PvP tab, MMR is your “hidden rating” you can see it in the scoreboard inside an arena at the bottom-right.
You are matched depending on your MMR and the personal rating you gain or lose is based on the differential between your personal and MMR.

MMR fluctuates a lot faster than Personal rating and makes it easier to match you with people of your skill earlier to avoid gladiators dominating low rated queues for too long while simultaneously slowing down the personal rating climb to ensure it takes a minimal amount of time to actively reach the personal rating you should be at.

It’s not a perfect system but it’s a system, literally.

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Yeah, that’s a nice and reasonably concise way of explaining it. For the most part people shouldn’t have to really think about it too much aside from trying to play with similarly rated partners.

how could blizzard really know how scummy people would be? ban them.


Because they hire engineers who are supposed to have the mental acuity to understand human psyche.

Thank you for that. They need to just tank both.

It would be a good solution to deal with people abusing the system, but it wouldn’t fix the issue of everyone else being punished if a leaver does happen.
Some might even abuse it to just tank their CR and MMR to play at lower rating to dominate and get conquest/great vault cap faster, ruining it for lower rated solo shuffle.

It’s not an easy problem to fix, but it should definitely have been figured out a while ago when it was reported in beta.

so now you’re a psychologist? and people at blizzard are supposed to be psychologists? get a grip.


You don’t have to be a psychologist to know people are scumbags.

thats like your opinion man.

ban the ones who leave and are abusing the system and that’ll scare people from doing it.

5 leaves in a reset resulting in a 7 day deserter debuff. Problem solved.