Oceanic WoW Classic Realms

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We agree with the many WoW Classic enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia that it will be a very good thing for players in that part of the world to connect to realms that are hosted in that part of the world.

Planned it all along!

We will have Oceanic realms for WoW Classic, with game servers hosted in Australia, at launch on August 27, and we’ll let you know the names of the Oceanic realms before name reservations start on August 13.


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Awesome news!

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You guys are such trolls. I love it! Thank you for my friends on the other side of the planet.
Lok’tar OCE!


Neat! Now please rap battle Bornakk to show who is ultimate CM


We… we need this.

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Ahem. The correct term is battle rap. Lol


Wait a second, could we have like at least ONE server for those in Thailand/Laos/Cambodia and Vietnam? The topology of internet structure in the region makes it ideal to have a server hosted in Singapore, the internet HUB of South East Asia.

Don’t make the same mistake you did with redirecting players to either Hong Kong (terrible latency) or Taiwan (even worse and considered a different region altogether).

A Thai based server might not be possible due to political reasons but a Singaporean one is perfectly doable.


Now we can love you <3

Best news


Congratulations from Germany! Have fun in WoW Classic and don’t forget to go outside from time to time! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Thanks Mate, and grats on getting your German & French servers too!


They have a server in Taiwan, which from most of SEA will net you under 100 MS. That’s pretty good.


You see guys nothing to worry about. They are going all in on this and the reason is it will help retail and classic i the long run. No worry when it comes to let you play they will.


Very good, thanks.


Now can we get an RP-PVP realm?

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rolls eyes why not tell people from the get go then?
thanks for after many lengthy discussions and community panic you finally just tell us it was always planned…
I’m going to just guess it will still have botched day/night cycles.


Which side of Australia? The dog face side, or the cat face side? You Australians know what I’m talking about.


While I won’t be on the Oceanic servers this time around, I am happy that we’ve got confirmation for them.

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Awesome! <3


Love you long time !!