Not receiving gold for sold auctions

Have sold a bunch of things on the auction house this morning on my bank alt (can’t post on it apparently - it’s level 1) and have not received ANY of the gold from the sales in the mailbox.

A quick check on twitter and apparently i’m not the only one so i’m posting here. Hoping you guys have the data on your end so that the gold isn’t lost because frankly that would be a shame of a way for new content to come out.

I have since cancelled all of my other auctions because well… i’d rather not lose more money because of bad code/incompetence.


Same issue for me, I think I might have lost anywhere between 50-60k, possibly more I have so many listed auctions it’s not possible for me to track what items have been sold/disappeared from my inventory. I sincerely hope they can do something about this, I’m leaving up auctions on the AH.


Same…lost a TON of gold before I realized it happening. Cancelled the rest and haven’t reposted. Still waiting on them to reply to my ticket.


wtf, i had like 400k worth of sold auctions, no gold in return, accept for a small amount of herbs


Posted 45 Abyssal Healing Pots on the AH yesterday and today they are gone. I checked my mail and there is nothing there as well. Tried putting in a ticket, but seem to get the run around. Wants me to submit an attachment, but I have nothing to attach, so it wont let me submit it. TBH the items I lost were not that big of a deal, but I’m just wondering why the customer service to try to get something fixed is so bad especially when it’s on your side. I’ve seen posts on here of people losing wow tokens in the ah and yet not much is being said. A blue post helping us out would be greatly appreciated


If you’re using the option to put in a ticket under the Items and Mail category and then Not Listed Here then you shouldn’t have to add an attachment at all. That part is optional.

Do you have any links for examples? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post about a missing token that wasn’t either addressed by a blue or left unresolved. In fact, almost every one of those cases was the result of the original poster not properly recalling how many tokens they had or what they had done with them.

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I have lost a chunk of my items placed on the auction house today since the server restart and the gold from sales after the servers have come online. I have tried filling an in game ticket but your system is broken and the tickets aren’t going through.

You can also submit tickets via this site - top right corner, support.


Some info that would be very helpful.

What character/realm is this on.
What day did you list the auctions.
if possible, leave any emails in your inbox if it appears to be a sale without gold attached, that would be most helpful for research.


I too have just discovered this same issue. 40-60k worth of sales vanished into thin air. Auctions were posted earlier today, and have been selling during the day. Barthilas, no mail received at all, successful/completed auctions (gone past the 60min wait) not displayed on AH.

Some more info: Character in question can still receive mail from other toons.
TSM ledger shows i have a specific amount of potions total (eg. 1000 potions across all sources; bank, bags, ah, mail) but scanning across the sources (mail,bags etc) only some are accounted for (eg 800/1000 in bags).

there’s a fairly big thread over in GD about people experiencing the same thing…

…but asking people to submit bug reports was just met with snark :woman_shrugging:

I’m selling anchor weed and herbs and not getting my gold. I’ve lost over 20k today. Did you even test your new AH before releasing it???

I canceled all my listings for now.


They didn’t test anything in 8.3.

The players who tested it for them (for free) were also ignored.

Some topics were actually closed by the mods only for the problem to still turn up in the live game.


I’m making gold off the new AH, and continuing to use TSM.

Maybe you just don’t know how to use the 8.3 AH?

Did you know that the latest to post an auction is the lowest priced (anchor weed / herb)?

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Source for said bug?

You need to fact check your statements and stop believing everything that you read on the internet.

Ask someone at blizzard.


Oshuni, would you have noticed if a chunk of your sales never sent you mail with the gold in it?

I’m curious if high volume sellers saying they haven’t encountered this problem just haven’t noticed it or are genuinely not experiencing the problem.


Sweetheart, I have so much gold I don’t even know what to do with it. I Know when my stuff is sold. It just disappears and the gold isn’t delivered. Go be condescending somewhere else.


Bug report thread on the forums.

WoWeconomy thread about the issue.

I wonder how many people are being affected that don’t even know they lost the gold/items in the first place.

I suspect we’re going to see more and more reports filter in as people realize.


I check several times a day, and run a CancelScan of my auctions to see if i’ve been undercut…

The /r/woweconomy & TSM Discord is terrific, but thus far, i haven’t been affected…