New Oceanic PvP Realm Now Open - 11:00 a.m. AEST

We’ve just opened a new realm in the Oceanic region:

Name Type Timezone
Yojamba PvP AEST

We suggest that players choosing an Oceanic realm consider this one, as other realms currently marked as “Full” population will experience extended queues.

Thank you!


its lit xd

Thank you finally

Hope I can play tonight after work

get em ocean bois


Will I be able to log into fearlina at all ever?

I just don’t know what to do

Kaivax, open more EST CT, ect.! WE need more servers!!!

Can we expect an rp server anytime soon? or do we still not deserve that


Cool story. Have you fixed the login queues for literally every other server yet though?

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They should release an Oceanic realm called Ocean Man


thanks guys! now we actuallly have an option woo

logs in

Finally in!

100s of people queue in

First quest!

kills 5 boars

Man, I can’t find any boars.

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I already went to work, but thank you for respond to us.

@Oceanic people, there you go

Thank you!

Cheers, that’ll make some folks very happy.

now how about some East RP-PvP love

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Sweet, will you kick everyone below 14000 out of the Stalagg queue so I can level? :stuck_out_tongue:

Launch at least a couple more servers. You guys obviously underestimated the amount of people coming home!