Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

We do need another RP PVP server - EST


Yes it will I’m switching NOW.

One more PvP ET server please

I’m with you, these should have been online a week ago, but blizzard couldn’t get their heads out of their asses to realize they weren’t prepared.

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yup thats why im still in que on Incendius. only gone down 50 over the last 20 min or so


happy for the folks down under, now gimme another rppvp for me and my peeps!


Yeah you are opening new servers like crazy, but no LA-BR servers, we are being ignored on purpose it seems.

this pretty please. East coast’s turn

East Coast RP-PVP is for fite! Let us bang, bro!


Haha that makes 9 servers on launch day now?

We’ve almost doubled :pray::pray::pray:

Some of us will if they’ll let us transfer back once it dies down

Thank you! that 20k que was too scary

Been 16 min wait for 1 hour for kromkrush

Not if they are being stubborn.

Im seeing posts from people still in a queue from 3 hours ago…make the jump

“Due to even more very big large yuge demand, we’ve opened more servers”

“You think you do”

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wtf good does this do now. Jesus christ. So everyone that has friends on other servers is f’d unless they can get everyone to move after some of have already leveled.


Blizzard failed

Still could use more realms the waits everywhere are huge


Hows the que for new servers? Sitting at 12.8k on herod que, not sure if I should leave my spot for a different server.