Open Another RP-PVP Server... really you launched with one?

Ok so I don’t know what rock you guys have been hiding under… but wth did you launch with ONE RPPVP server??? Seriously blizz open another one this is stupid.


You realize that we had to fight for months to get that single rp-pvp server right? The original plan was that there wasn’t going to be one even one rppvp since the ‘demand’ wasn’t there lol.


Oh yea I’m aware, but I think that Blizzards lack of sense of listening to the players at this point is rediculous. I get that RP is starting to decline on the retail servers, but classic RP was awesome!! IDK I’m a little upset that they didn’t listen to us more.

Blizz hears ya, Blizz don’t care.

meanwhile OCE literally has one pvp realm and one normal while you ask for a 2nd rp pvp realm. Lol

dammwell im 12k in line on grobbulus with a 360 minute wait time lol


I feel like they are so busy dealing with the NA servers at this point that OCE is on a back burner. Sure they will get something else up once NA is taken care of.

Be patient. It’s obvious they didn’t anticipate this level of demand. There’s only 10k in queue on Grobb. There’s over 30k on Herod.

I anticipate they’ll release a ton more servers in response. It’s likely just taking them some time to get them up as they assess things.

There’s also a chance they think there will be a drop off tomorrow where things will smooth over and they don’t need more, but I hope not because I doubt it.


Yea bro been sitting at 4500ish for an hour

Meanwhile latin america 3 realms… on retail.

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Hard to say how many ppl will be around a month from now. Would rather keep it consolidated til we see. I’ll accept unplayable queues for the first week if it means a healthy population long-term

Need eastcoast rp pvp


I’m sorry friend, they should have had some servers for y’all too </3

They just opened you guys another PvP realm.

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I fully support an east coast RP PVP! I’m 565 in the Grobb queue right now (after 3 hours of waiting), but I’d disconnect and start over for an east coast RP PVP!

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I’d rather they don’t open another rp-pvp realm. In the long run this is going to best for the server. Hate that if you want but i’ve been in queue since 5:10pm CST just about 3 hours now and still only at 1900.