New oceanic pvp realm now open - Yojamba

New one for all you people in queue.

the undead starting zone is bugged? cannot log into it on the new PVP realm. just a heads up. every other races zone works.

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It’s working now.

oh wow. Been in Que for a while now and only noticed this… Sux but gotta stay in Q to meet friends rolling on Augrual *spelling

Prey the server populations don’t die down to ghost town in a few weeks because of the extra server

post was made 11hrs ago, since then oceanic has 1(edit) more pvp realms and Us has ~10 more new pvp servers,
i ain’t switching from Arugal, even though the current queue is 3 hrs…

I call it Yomama. Its easier :rofl:
Was one of the first ppl there. Got to lvl 5 in 15 mins and was outta northshire abbey. For a fee minutes i was the only level 4 in the whole realm and i made sure to take a screenshot of that 1 time i was the toughest guy in the realm! :rofl: