Arugal (OCE) is going to be a disaster at launch

brilliant. there were TONS of us asking for this between name res day and launch, but of course blizzard ignored the players and created this fine mess

For all Americans that are about to open this thread please pay attention to the important opening line of this prophet’s statement


Brilliant. We think we do, but we do


Fine wine thread

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Wow, hope everyone on a non oceanic non layered server is paying attention here.

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Reminder - Yojamba announcement date:


On launch day. Hours after release.

It was obvious there would be an issue then, and it was ignored.

Another new server at 7:30 PM launch day, because people did go over to Yojamba, and filled it up as well. Many people do not move, because at this point guilds and friend groups are splintered because some got on and some did not.

Much of this could have been avoided if during name reservation, when it was determined the server was at minimum 2x capacity more servers had been opened.

May 14 - Layers are removed from Arugal.

In a surprise to nobody on the server, the queues return.

It takes Blizzard until June 5 to action, despite queues on both raid and non raid nights.

Edit: I gave too much benefit of the doubt, layers were removed on May 14 not 28.


All hail the prophet.

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This is possibly the best necro in WoW forum history.

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The Arugalian wheel weaves as the wheel wills. When the dark blizzard rises so shall the dragon slayers unite and come will the beginnings of the third age of layers.
The Third Age 3: 16-17 The Prophet Wyldleaf


wake up blizzard

We ALSO only had 1 server. If you didnt want to play with the brazilians or edgelord streamers on faerlina it was literally only herod for pvp. The thing is our alliance was out numbered by a little…and they all jumped ship. Little baby ally wanted their pvp server but the pve benefits. The true ally stayed on herod

They crunched the numbers at the time and a 2nd PvP realm was not needed on Oceanic!!

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I’m not sure about Herods situation, but this is an Arugal matter - so I don’t really care either way to be honest.


$$$$ activision is trying to force transfers to increase profits for the next quarterly meeting.

A new COD with 15 pixels added every year is all they really have anymore.

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bump, give me your salty american tears

Are you wearing a hat or do you have some poorly developed hair on the top of your head?

That would be an arcanist’s crown on a gnome with male pattern baldness :slight_smile:

I don’t care about Arugal.

Keep it 1 layer because I like drama.