Oceania PVP server

the only thing moving the queue right now is players leaving the queue…


Just suddenly jumped from 310 to 247. The queue seems screwed to.

New Oceanic PVP server is a must, merge it later. How aragant to think that keeping low server numbers will ensure the community will last for years to come. You are burning through the community minute by minute


6.3k in queue. 9 min wait it reckons.


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NEW SERVER UP!!! YOJAMBA i think its called

Guys they opened a new OCE PVP server!

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hope nobody took time off work lol

Just me haha

Hoping that aussies will actually sleep tonight after being on for 12 hours unlike the US hardcore gamers.

This way I’ll get to log in when I’m home…

Lol, good one.

New server in straight away and dc when loading up into world lol. Its being smassshhhedd

Unless you’re queued right now you won’t get on tonight, you might get on by tomorrow morning. I’m queued now and guessing by averages I’m getting on at 6pm if I’m lucky…

Yojamba not loading in to world, i can make a toon and that’s it keeps kicking me.

3.9k in queue now, massive prog.

3.9k in Yojamba or Arugal?

Been stuck at pos 440 for an hour now, anyone elses position stuck? :S

Arugal. Yeah been in queue for a long time

They’re adding another

yeah its moving slow now, only gone down 300 in an hour

in queue for 6 hour atm and still waiting