New Oceanic PvP Realm Now Open - 11:00 a.m. AEST

dumbassed name lmao, but good maybe people will stop complaining now


praise the lord

Pog thank you

Just what was needed, thank you

Open an EASTERN RP-PVP Server Blizzard!

Why did you wait? These should have been open at 6pm.


Just open a LA-BR server for gods sake.

I am still at work.

RIP, yojamba gonna be dead af down the line

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Literally staying in the Arugal queue because the server name Yojamba is absolute trash hahahaha, I want to play but not that bad


Yolanda be cool?

Any one get into new server?

New servers are nice.
Getting into the server your friends have been on since 0800hrs is nicer.


is there any queues for the new realm?

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No que. Just not sure what the ratio of english to not is yet. Oceanic sounds good but you never know

Been trying to get into the game but loading stops at 90% of the bar and I get booted.

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Yep i load 90% and dc.

Server is being smashedddd i think

It’s broken but.

oce is 95% NZ/Aus.