Mechagnome customization thread

Here are my list of demands:

  • Every gnome hair color option we should have as well!
  • more metal options (without that tacky gold trim!) I want pure silver, polish steel, and air brushed flames!
  • Spider legs… yup I saw them…now I need them!
  • The armor padding should show on us…period!
  • A few more hair styles please.
  • I would also like a scissor hands option.

Please heed my demands before patch or I will will tinker with your coffee machine and program it to attack!

  • Signed
    Your Non-friendly Homicidal Mecha-gnome Death Knight soon to be Overloard Zynx.

Great suggestions! Here’s another mechagnome customization thread in case you’re interested :smiley:


Here’s my old thread if you want to steal some ideas for yours.

Keep up the good fight.

EDIT: didn’t see that hotanimeguy already posted lol.

Regardless please keep the fight going for more mechagnome customization!