Marksman Hunter- Aim shot still doing incorrect damage/bugged- no hotfix yet. CAREFUL AIM BUGGED TOO

Once again reporting this issue. Its been a week and still no fix and other things are being hotfixed. Aimshot is bugged for some hunters and doing virtually no damage. Here are some screenshots. Please hotfix this ASAP. Some of the hardest hits are from hitting cloth with the 35% careful aim bonus/badge and on use trinket. This is full 424 PVP gear as well if that was unclear. Careful aim is bugged as well and not applying the correct amount. There is another report on it as well.

My friends hunter isnt bugged and doing normal damage but mine is. We have a thread on hunter forum with others


Another day still bugged

Have you changed your talents since 10.0.7 launched? Because I didn’t have this bug till I did.

This hunter is wotlk era hunter that I havent touched since WOD. Dusted it off and leveled like 10 days ago. I was fine at first for the first couple days at 70 thats when this bug started occurring. I first noticed something was off after playing some SERIOUS dampener matches in arena then i started looking at the numbers like what is this???

Here is a screenshot of 7 trueshot + on use badge on my AFK boomy friend. Full 424 gear. He used 0 defensives for ref. My other friend who isnt bugged is hitting the normal 80-100k+ range for aimshot and critting 150k+ commonly. I had 6 22k-25k hits and a 43k crit.

yup 100% bugged im hitting for 25-56k when my aimshots should be base 67k critting 70k like what


Some more screenshots. PLEASE FIX THIS

Get wrecked dirty MM hunters!!!

Real talk though this is awful, please fix blizzard.


Its amazing this bug has persisted this long.

If I was aim shotting people for 1 million damage and insta-killing it would have been live hotfixed in 5 minutes

Hitting for 8k dmg? “we’ll get around to it eventually” in a reset or two or more /shrug


Update- Realm transferring seemed to have fixed it. Will update again when the bug returns.

I did not change talents or spec and it was fine first lobby. I just changed to my other MM talents will see if that triggers bugs. Screenshot below of normalized damage

update changing talents seemed to have re-bugged me

more screenshots. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

Bump. Hello this was missed in tomorrows hotfixes.

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Bump still broken

Bump bug is still not fixed.

Can confirm I am having this bug too on my hunter, I never noticed until it was pointed out. I double checked my talents with Careful Aim and it is indeed not working as intended, I’m doing consistently the 22-25k amount of damage but it is not applying its 50% extra damage on any target above 70% health. It really should be doing about another 11-13k of damage.

No wonder I was having trouble leveling, I was feeling so off because of this. Tested this on dummies and live enemies though not players (Not a PvPer but there’s likely a modifier for Aimed Shot, so testing can be skewed).

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Bump- still bugged. Again full 424 gear with trueshot + on use active and popping off on a target at 100% HP.

15 aim shots, average of 20k

bump still bugged this was a game just now

Yeooo, i was wondering when i logged my MM the other day how a 3 or 5 percent damage nerf(whatever it was) felt like 50+% or if i missed something but that kinda explains it

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Bump still bugged. Spam changing spec in lobby sometimes helps with it but careful aim is def bugged as well

Bump- can we get a fix on this???

This need a fix.