3+ weeks of MM primary ability being bugged- When can we expect a fix?

Aimshot and careful aim have been bugged and reported for over 3 weeks now.

I reported it, Vortimer did testing on careful aim bug and reported his results, Jellybeans an AWC player and one of best hunters in game recorded his own video evidence and tweeted it to the devs. Links below.

My question is how long should we expect a spec to literally be broken and nonfunctional. Primary damage ability and talent bugged. 3+ weeks with this ongoing bug and its still not addressed? Absolutely frustrating to deal with and even more frustrating with season ending soon and unable to push/play on MM because of a debilitating bug.

Can you guys please hotfix this already I really don’t know what more to do then post everyday reporting it.


13% of a spec’s damage missing? :sleeping: :sleeping_bed: :zzz:

:star_struck: :eyes: :exclamation:!!!

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A bit more then 13% I’m often hitting for half my tooltip damage.

tooltip says 86k with all cds/procs active

36-41k aimshot…they pop a defensive? Bam 15k aimshots.

On nearly 450k hp pools its a joke

Yeah, but how is your explosive shot doing?

… I still have seraphim…
A spell that’s not supposed to exist anymore

40k average. Its also a dispellable 30 second CD you can’t use it in place of aimshot. You also do not run it in ST build.

Has the rotation of any given spec every change over the years? And is that okay with you?

They are having difficulty hiring talented staff. Even buying a small ‘indie’ worth of devs wasn’t enough when folks are quitting, but hey there’s good news south africa and saudia arabia have approved the buyout!