Make Conduit upgrades specific to loot spec?

Why on earth aren’t conduit upgrades Loot Spec Specific? I’m sitting here on a Feral druid getting conduit upgrades from Soultwining Crescent and other items for Guardian, Boomy, Resto and i will never get any use out of them, meanwhile my feral conduits are low ilvl.


Would be down for this. :joy: taking a break from healing and having to level up my other conduits since the Korthia conduit upgrade item doesn’t discriminate.

I guess on the flip side if I do want to swap I won’t have to start from scratch and basically be good to go.


Yup, as an arms warrior, I have more Prot and Fury Conduits than I do Arms.
Best part is when what should be a Trinket reward from a WQ is a Conduit for a spec I never play.

I guess I consider myself lucky that Legion just made you get AP to unlock your artifact weapon’s abilities. and also WQ rewards were for relics that were for your current specialization.

If Legion was this way, I would HAVE moved away from the game after the first month.


I think Blizzards’ RNG coding has the weirdest behavior that leads to make you believe it’s intentional. And it is not new. It’s been like this since the beginning of the game. My frost mage too is getting arcane and fire upgrades while frost conduits usually are saved for the last each rank.


IKR, I’ve gotten every single conduit for Survival, and I don’t even have 2 MM conduits to put on Pelagos. My hunter has just been running around without conduits for a month now.

And don’t even get me started on druid… because 4 specs!


There’s no need for this. Every conduit has it’s own RNG odds on a boss kill/M+ chest. Making it loot spec only wouldn’t change bad luck when you’re already getting the exact same chances for the ones you want.


it would help for sure…

Blizz makes this change:

Players: “omg Blizz! I want to switch specs but my other conduits are so low!”


OP 100 percent agree with you. I am usually in discord when I up grade my homies get hear it in real time, it is so silly to me that it upgrades specs I never play.

Umm no. That wouldn’t be a problem at all actually. Putting control in the players hands would always be the better play.

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There’s nothing to control. Every conduit already gets it’s own individual drop roll. All the proposed change would actually do is take away the ability to freely get conduits for off specs.

The suggestion has been made in ignorance.

This needs to happen, so tired of getting conduit upgrades for specs I will never play, and makes feel disheartened, and consider tossing those things every time I get one.


Just make it so the damn system takes into account your priority spec then your classes other specs after filling your main spec when getting conduit upgrades drops.

Every time I get drop chance it’s been giving me conduit upgrades to the specs I’m not using. It’s been driving me nuts.

In 9.0 the conduit that was the best upgrade for demonology was the very last upgrade I got. Smh…

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so you would have to play longer to upgrades ones you want

It is ridiculous. Isn’t it?! Kekw.

Luv the name btw

Hello everyone :blush:

You bring up a valid point about the conduit upgrade items not being specialization specific. It can be frustrating when you get a conduit for a spec that you may never use.

To address this, we’re working on a change that will go live with next week’s restarts that will allow Soultwining Crescent and Death-Bound Shard to grant conduits based on your current specialization instead of by class. In order to receive the conduits of the spec of your preference, you will need to switch your specialization fully, changing Loot Specialization won’t work.

In addition to this change, we’re increasing the drop rate of Death-Bound Shard when completing Adamant Vaults in Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Thank you for your feedback!


Wow, finally! Thank you for communicating this to us.


Solid change, thanks Linxy for the update!


Good change, just 8.5 months late…

A better change would be just let us pick the conduit to upgrade.


Beggars can’t be choosers

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