Thank you for the posts!

ain’t that the damn truth.

#1 relationship problems is lack of communication.


Well, it’s easy to get them to start doing their jobs once they’ve got a lawsuit reminding them that passing around nudes of women they’ve driven to suicide, or getting drunk at work and groping your co-workers under their desks, or maintaining an atmosphere of fear of harassment is probably a bad thing, and maybe they should clock off from being a horde of man-children and get back to work at their second job, which is making a decent game.


you’re acting as if forum moderators that probably work at home in a massive company are the people that did that

That’s senior devs and stuff, not the blues on the forums most likely.


You literally haven’t paid any attention then.


Thank you, Blizz :slight_smile: I now know what incredible pressure you were/are under by the corrupt leadership and am thankful for the increased communication and feedback.

Hope your workdays get easier.

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If only Dawnspirit learns of this with me… :L

Oh well.

At least one hath been made recently in another thread hither of which I am aware, besides another concerning the victors of an art contest.

Either way methinks more communication 'twixt the players and developers, even if through middlemen, is better than naught.

Best, howe’er, I think would be a response like unto that of Hello Games following the initial response of consumers to No Man’s Sky. With such wealth as Blizzard doth surely commandeth I can only imagine the game resultant of such an endeavor would be nothing shy of fantastic.

I’m happy to see a positive post!

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If they seem so receptive, this might be the best time to list the broken stuff that takes the least amount of time to fix!

  • Flower jumping wq in bastion still fails to detect if you land on a flower on the sections near the end.

  • The rare in bastion near the above wq’s summoning mechanic is still bugged for certain classes, when one of the little sha things runs into another it despawns making you either get on a character that isn’t bugged or wait.

they’re minor but likely take less than 5 minutes to fix!

If I can’t readily see one without having to dig around to find it, then it doesn’t need to be celebrated.

You don’t have to dig anywhere, there is a blue logo next to the threads that they comment on. It’s fairly obvious.

Ya chief, I know how the forums work. I scrolled down for like 5 minutes and found 1 blue response. Let’s bust out the confetti and cake!

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Here’s hoping it keeps up longer than however long people are talking about the lawsuit.


Who is this dawn you speak of?

Maybe she isn’t interested if she isn’t talking to you?

It’ll be ok bb

Honestly, if Blizzard starts posting here more again. I’ll probably go back to being more serious natured and helpful again. I felt defeated so just joined everyone else.

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I mean, it’s her loss.

No biggie. :]

A lot of blue posts this morning.

That’s the right attitude to have

What posts?