Feedback: If we Can't Talk about the Jailer Cover him up

The other model still exists in the game. It needs to be removed like the Sylvanas comment was.

Must be a sunday. Feels like a sunday.

Just flag it as trolling and move along.


Sylvanas just needs to be deleted. No hero worship of a psychopathic killer of an entire city and her total disrespect of the dead…a la Silverpine forest


Not trolling, it’s genuine feedback.

I firmly believe if we cannot discuss something on the forums. It should not exist in the game.

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Imagine getting offended by a male nipple. Dude if you can stand it, and I know you can, then don’t make useless threads trying to prove the opposite.

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Alot of it is how the whole post is actually written to lewd is hated by many players my many bans silences say so.

Not exactly what is happening here but let me flag your comment so you can see what I’m talking about.

No it doesn’t. You’re being ridiculous.

No it’s not. It’s nonsense just for fake outrage.

And yet I’ve seen lewd Moonguard threads go for days.

It all depends who’s reading and what kind of mood there in that day.

Look, I would get into more details but I cannot without breaking the rules. I posted all I could while keeping it without talking about specific actions taken. I cannot provide examples but I’m sure they know internally… Either way this thread isn’t really meant for you but Blizzard themselves because this is the place to leave feedback now days.

There’s no reason to. Your outrage is just ridiculous. And Blizz doesn’t see this. You know that.

The “Outrage” would be more understandable if you had context. Which I cannot provide. All I can say is that multiple people in this thread could get their posts removed because of one word.

No it wouldn’t. Let it go.


Make Conduit upgrades specific to loot spec? - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

Appears to me they have decided to start reading feedback threads again.

Anyways, With all this fake outrage you keep accusing me of. I am thinking you are having a reading comprehension problem. I don’t take issue with the way people dress. I take issue when rules are not consistent. This honestly has nothing to do with the jailer in specific. But rather the broader issue that they put things in game which we are not allowed to discuss.

Never stopped Batman…

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We don’t speak of that travesty.

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Is the problem the jailer had no shirt?

You got a helluva modesty inquisition ahead of you. I’d suggest starting with the movie Top Gun.

I bolded the part that mattered.

We are not allowed to discuss a certain aspect of the jailer. I feel if we are not allowed to discuss something it probably shouldn’t be in game. The real feedback is Don’t add things to the game which you don’t want us to discuss.

Sure, sure it is…