Why post here?

I post because of the thoughtful intelligent yet kind and respectful posts.


You’re not wrong. It’s mostly an echo chamber.

it’s like youtube, posted 1 minute ago, already 10 comments

Covertly. And mostly on Sundays.

You really never know.

People post in forums because they are highly opinionated and like to discuss topics of interest and argue about them.

No. The reason they don’t pay much attention is because they have their plan and they’re sticking to it. They think every player who disagrees is just plain wrong. You assigning the writing of incredibly long treatises expouning on every issue with the game and coming up with complete meta solutions to all problems is simply you wanting to waste people’s time.

Nobody owes it to you or to the devs to be analytical and able to parse their own emotional responses. Most people are in fact really bad at that. But the game is sold to directly appeal to emotional responses.

If devs cared about what players think they would do marketing research prior to investing many hundreds of millions of dollars into a vanity development project like shadowlands.

/dips fries in forehead ketchup
gonna smear a chocolate shake next?


They read in feedback discussion, not sure about GD, but I think they have their own private discord and testers to gather feedbacks, and they sometimes listen to top players and popular streamers’ feedbacks.

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Underrated comment.

OP, I am here because I have a pro-gnome agenda and this helps me realize it.

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They never really did in the first place. There used to be active CMs who would filter information to the dev team and interact with the community. But those seem to have disappeared after WoD.

Then proceed to drink and take drugs because of whats written over here …

You just proved the point I was making.

Cheers :wink:


I plead insanity, now… what were we talking about??

They replied just the other day, as a matter of fact.

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I come for the ‘intellectual’ hot takes.

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A long time ago the developers used to interact with us. Ghostcrawler was the biggest example. I think for some there is this sense of hope that someday it will happen again. It was nice to feel like we was all part of the community. The players, the devs, the moderators. We was all the games community. While it’s a pipe dream, It’s still what some want to see return. A futile hope that is hung on to. Don’t be Sylvanas, don’t burn hope.

you have a great comment , thanks