Conduits- still getting random

i’m running around doing quests after reset and after getting some rare’s down my “reward” was a tanking essence. Isn’t this supposed to be fixed

The fix is for the conduit upgrade items.

It will only upgrade conduits for your chosen spec. So you’re not going to use the item as a Prot Warrior and get an upgraded Arms conduit.

The blue post said they were working on it in the coming weeks - that was I think 5 days ago. Maybe next week…

Here’s the quote by the CM.

ah- well its not doing that either. I saved my conduit upgrades for after reset and even though i am a balance druid, my upgrades went to a healing and a tank conduit.

Might only apply to new versions of those items. I don’t know.

Try seeing what happens with new ones you obtain now.


As said, is for upgrade, rest is still random. Gotta keep you playing.

well not getting what i want doesnt keep me coming back. Something has to give.

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And if it doesn’t, you gotta have to decide if it’s worth it staying.

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