So how long do we have until 9.2

Try reading the tweet. It says “No work is being done right now.” I bolded the important words. Work has already resumed.

IF there will be a 9.2, then the “best case” scenario I see for its release would be December 28th which is the final Tuesday of the year. It would also align with how Blizzard released 9.1 in the final days of a fiscal quarter in an effort to inflate the final figures as the fiscal year is about to end.

As for the content of the patch. I expect very little if any content. It will likely be something similar to Cata’s troll dungeon patch or WoD’s selfie patch. A “filler” patch which only serves to allow Blizzard to end the expansion on a “.3” patch once they release the “real” patch, because to end an expansion on a “.2” patch would be terrible optics.

I already had this conversation with someone else how about you try reading.
Also, do you have a source that regular work has resumed on wow? That would be great.

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If? lol

I honestly wonder what people who say this are actually thinking. “Pack up yer bags bois, this billion dollar franchise is over because Alex Afrasabi got a little handsy”. Actually lol.

The existence of Blizzard employees trying to organize walk-outs outright tells us that they have work to walk-out on. Work has resumed.

I need to watch my tone; re-reading what I wrote, it does sound like I’m putting down the idea.

No, I’ve no problem with re-visiting older zones. Was just predicting what I thought most likely as world content in the next patch.

There’s some dialogue in game referencing ‘the land of the First Ones’ or something, which may imply some brand-new area we’re to go to next.

But given the length of time needed to develop 9.1, and the pressure the WoW team will be under to deliver a brand-new expansion in 2022, it may be that plans for future Shadowlands content will need to be curtailed, and a re-use of existing zones would at least make 9.2 more than just a raid and nothing else. I can see them wanting to offer something more to keep people engaged as long as they can.

Anyway, we’ll see. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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I already posted that earlier in the thread, how about you try reading.

Shall I go on? Or is this enough?

8.3 BFA was the best patch in recent expansions. Having the power of the old gods with corruption, gems in every slot, azerite, essences. Miss feeling powerful.

Lot of fun builds with corruption to do wonky things.

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I said regular work. Learn to read.
A .5 patch and hotfixes aren’t regular work resuming.
They probably already had what little will be in this patch mostly done before all the crap happened that stopped regular work. But its something I guess.


Work is work dude. Don’t try to minimize that work has resumed by shifting the goalposts. You wanted proof that work has resumed on WoW, the proof is there. Hotfixes are work, that requires developers to make changes, to test those changes and make sure everything is up to snuff, and then hotfix them into the game.

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Corruption ended up… OK?

The powers were fun but I don’t miss the endless nag nag nag of the run out of circle negative effect. And it took the less then optimal vendor to get it to that point.

8.3 also had a lot of broken quests at launch, the end cinematic, 50% balance adjustments, lack of achievements other than the very basic ones ( no Mecha-Done like ones for the zones ) and the multi mask visions didn’t appear to be play tested at all. Alleria with 5 masks was just wall to wall affix throw up.

And it’s were this apparent fascination with CC on everything started. It’s like the devs started to view their job as combating the players instead of making a fun game and just said “F-it, MC them off a cliff and we win.”

It’s really were you see the polish drop off and that they were probably already way behind for 9.0.

Sooooooo much fun. Doing 30 Tanks Heroic Raids with TD and SotW was the most fun I ever had Raiding EVER!!! It spoiled me. Then pure Stat Amp builds with Stat Azerite and gems. It was amazing!!! My Prot Pal was Block capped with everything popped.

That part we don’t miss but I’d gladly have it back to wield the powers of the Old Gods again. Compared to now where my character feels week. Zovaal is lucky he didn’t try any of this stuff in 8.3 when we were actually powerful.

Yea but I came back specifically to play 8.3 and while I did miss that. The reason I came back after a year off was because I saw the potential fun and synergy between corruption, azerite and essences. It didn’t disappoint either.

Look BFA wasn’t a good expansion, it was riddled with it’s own problems as you say. However I’ll take 8.3 right now over anything in SL. I’d much rather do Island Expeditions and farm Azerite then Korthia. I’d much rather blow through a 5 mask vision and get a meaningful reward than Torghast for NOTHING! SL is just the worst. The World Quest are the worst, the story is the worst, the PvP is the worst, the gearing is the worst…

One of the other reasons SL is the worst is they keep trying to keep us weak! It’s seriously annoying. Why in 9.1 nerf armor and shield block value to just do it? How am I ever going to get back to feeling powerful again, or worse yet…maybe it never comes. Which is why I hardly can play these expansions anymore. I leave for a long period then come back when it looks like I might actually be powerful and have fun. SL is a long way off from that.

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Wow is death they are just milking since the servers are cheep to run.

Al killed wow. All who migrated won’t come back and every new player will know if you will spend 1000hrs of your life better do it on other game

i predict in 9 more months

After this soldier finishes seeing all the important stuff.

I agree that I think 1.5 will be seen in some form soon. They have to know they cant afford to hold off too long on putting in some improvements (and .5 patches are generally quality of life things like skips). Its now past the middle of August - if they are going to have it come up prior to November it really has to appear on the PTR soon.

Assuming they even do a PTR on it and dont just launch it as is.

@OP - probably 3-4 months after 9.1.5…which isn’t out yet.

It’s the height of foolishness and hubris to try and do something special for 9.2.

The people who’ve left HATE Shadowlands and no new lipstick is going to change that. Many are enraged at the story and at this point nothing will do, even reversing it will piss off other people.

The best thing they can do to get people back from FFXIV is not some quick paint job or slapping on short-lived quality of life fixes at the end of a maligned expac. It is making a simply amazing next expansion that makes people want to give them another chance and trust them again. It is making another expac that doesn’t contain rushed appeals and positives but real positives and appeals carefully and lovingly designed in a new expac designed around their inclusion rather than bolted on. That listens to player feedback on long-standing issues. That indicates a change of dev attitudes and that the rock star idea has been totally snuffed out and that they now understand they make content for us to enjoy. That our opinions matter. That they are often wrong and often horrendously so. That they have an arrogance issue and a listening problem.

They should go all in, balls to the wall on the next expac if they want a chance of not spiraling into oblivion.

  • I’m talking no more systems on systems players hate.

  • Move away from borrowed power or make it permanent so dev time isn’t wasted on spinning up a new one every two years.

  • No more extensive grinds that are boring and players despise.

  • More fun World Quests like you had in BFA.

  • No more putting critical story in novels most of the playerbase aren’t going to buy and even many former fans no longer will purchase since we now know they are all (even pure lore stuff like Chronicles, especially that) subject to retconning at a moment’s notice from indecisive, petty devs.

  • Put the story in the freaking game. If you want novels, make them some side story of interest and minor relevance but not central to understanding the plot of the last expac, this expac, or the next one.

  • Appreciate casuals and RPG play lovers.

  • Bring us back to Azeroth. Enough of this escalating cosmic threat garbage. Let us fight more mundane things. Put the RPG back in the game.

  • Fix the sharding nonsense that splits apart realms and makes people feel isolated and alone. Bring back the MMO part.

I’m also talking things players have long wanted.

  • More races long wanted like other variations of dwarves and taunka, high elves for the alliance
  • more character customization for all races including allied races so no one has only 4 faces.
  • Player housing.
  • Something bold to fix the faction imbalance issue like dissolving the factions in all but name and allowing everyone to play together and fight others in random groups or through some new system of division. Admittedly that one will piss off a lot of people but if Alliance ceases to exist the game can’t pretend to limp on with only one faction and it is necessary for the health of the game long-term given they have no other tools and are not about to offer free faction changes and even if they did most people wouldn’t take them up on it. Save PvP, it’s the only thing to do now for it.
  • Other ideas would be using AI upscaling on old weapons and armor models to allow use of neat designs in transmog once more that don’t look totally pixelated.

There are so many things to do. Even doing some of them and showing some gestures of good faith, some contrition towards the community would be nice.

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I agree with you. The problems with the game are deep and many and cannot be fixed in a single patch. It will take the next expansion to do right.

As for 9.2, don’t underestimate management’s ability to make a knee-jerk reaction and craft complicated solutions to things that are not problems.

Well first they’d have to dig through their spaghetti code and undo the change that disallowed alliance and horde to communicate without it sounding like whispers from the depths of hp lovecraft’s mind.

I expect 9.15 to come out around nov to match ff14, the patch will have a long list of half a** qol fixes that only address the surface of problems that existed since beta