[Main thread] Nvidia 460.xx driver flickering

The issue with that is I can’t play CyberPunk lol. This just needs to be fixed. There is plenty of data here for Blizzard to go back to Nvidia with.

Even so, it’s on Nvidia to fix this. Not even Blizzard can make them work faster or change their priorities if they don’t want to.

Instead of yelling at Blizzard, maybe you should yell at Nvidia? They have a thread open on their support form for feedback on this driver release, and the affect on WoW has been mentioned already. You can add your voice there where it matters rather than Karen-ing out at the counter person at Wendy’s.



I already filed a ticket with them, and im not “karening out” you must have misunderstood me. The last blue response we got was asking for DXDIAGs I gave mine and many other gave theirs, I’m just asking for a response.

Chill man :slight_smile:

Dropping to DirectX 11 Legacy stopped the rave party for now…

Downgrading to 450.30 didn’t seem to help me. The game still freezes, especially while alt tabbing in Ardenweald. I’d be inclined to say it’s my system if I was able to recreate these issues in any other game. Not even running an Unigine Heaven stress test for an hour can create these same instability issues.

Running an Asus ROG STRIX 2080 Ti, and playing at 4K.

Hey all,

Thanks for all of the new info and DXDIAGs that were posted. This issue was forwarded to our WoW team last week and they have notified Nvidia so they will be checking it out.

Current work arounds:

Hopefully we will see a new Nvidia driver soon to fully resolve the flickering issues. We’ll make sure to post here once that happens so everyone will know to update.


I am using the 460.89 driver currently with a GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER and the issue is happening for me as well. /console gxrestart seems to stop it temporarily when it happens.

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So nVidia just released 460.97 called a “Hotfix” release to fix some bugs, but I’m not seeing anything related to WoW being listed. Can you guys check to see if this one includes the fixes for the flickering issue?

No change with 460.97.

Shriekwing was flashing and blinking during the shriek phase to the point of not being able to see where the blood puddles were. Did not occur before I downloaded the cyberpunk driver

I’m currently getting severe texture flickering in ardenweald with msaa on. Currently using 3060 ti. Is there a fix coming as I’ve searched and have seen issues with this for the past year

Known issue with recent Nvidia driver release. Nvidia will have to fix it, which apparently hasn’t happened yet.

I am having a lot of texture flickering and also certain textures going completely black and only a restart gets rid of the problem for a little while. I have noticed that it does not appear at all when in Directx11 but does happen in 12. I do not have Nvidia however, I have AMD Radeon RX 590 and was experiencing this problem before the Cyperpunk driver updates. My problem is that when I put my game in directx11 I have BIG fps drops randomly while playing, like normally I get 100fps and it will dump to 40-50fps for a few seconds - this doesn’t seem to happen in directx12! cries
Any help to solve either or both of these issues would be MUCH appreciated!

having the same issue on 460.89 drivers

i have a GTX 1650 MaxQ, 460.89 drivers and it happens a lot around spires of ascension. It just started happening randomly at the end of the key.

my dumb but updated to the new driver today and now im seeing this flicker, doesn’t matter what shadow setting’s is set at.

Yes same issue for me since 460.79 drivers. Flickering occurs regardless of shadow quality or tabbing in and out of the game. I run a 2070 Super. It’s very consistent across all zones and indoor environments and dungeons. API = DX12

I’m having the same issue. It’s really bad in Revendreth. At first I set my shadows to low and it seemed to help for a little bit, but the then it came back. My issue also started after that driver update.
EVGA RTX 2080 Super

Same flickering issue occurring even on latest nvidia drivers - RTX 2080

It wasn’t until I also turned off triple buffering that the majority of my flickering issues went away.

Shadow: Low
MSAA: none
Triple buffering: Disabled

I still seem artifacts in the character screen, a bit like unstable textures, flickering a bit with the bump map.

RTX 2060 Super with latest drivers