Loot Trading in Classic *updated*

What about refunds for accidental purchases?

I prefer golden retrievers myself. Pugs snort too much, might as well buy a pig. I hear they’re pretty smart.

My first MC run was in a group that was organised in “LFG Channel” by some guys who were trying to recruit more for their guild. We got past Magmadar and then fell apart… after 4 hours.

Until this system was implemented ML goofs had to be fixed via GM ticket. Having players get DC’d at the end of a fight or post fight did occur and waiting for them to get back wasn’t always an option given respawn timers.

It’s a feature that won’t negatively impact the experience and reduce GM Ticket congestion.

Love this system change. I was worried about how easy it would’ve been to abuse group loot trading and how it could turn into an auction or unfairly benefit players.

Great outcome to apply it only to raids.

Hey all, just wanted to make everybody aware that we made an update to the original post with the following information:

We saw some confusion about a specific part of this post so we want to be clear that Customer Service will NOT be transferring items in WoW Classic and the system that we outlined will be in the players’ hands. If we were to go down the road of developing a policy on item trading, we believe it would end up allowing the exact same kind of abuse that we are trying to minimize with the 2-hour trade window system which we outlined in the original post.

Ninja looting does have consequences in the community and those who do it will have trouble getting invited to group. In other words: your reputation will matter. Remember to play nice, play fair folks!


Oh snap!

Thanks for the update, Bornakk!



Will black-listing be allowed by players who see such behaviors? Both via trade chat/Realm forums, or no?


Someone’s working late. :wink:

So it feels like this might confirm the impression that Classic won’t have a plethora of GM staffing assigned to it? We know they have said that tickets surrounding items was a huge burden on GM’s. If they intend to run Classic with the least amount of resources this makes sense. I suspect this would also confirm RCR is going in as well; as it ‘relieves’ some pressure on GM’s to a degree as well.

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Love this response, no mercy to those that ninja.
Reminds me of old blizz.


I like this idea.


It eliminates backdoor dealings.

If you don’t like the idea of people ninjaing gear you shouldn’t be playing Classic. The system that they’re going to put in place is more than enough to resolve most loot trading issues. If that system doesn’t work the community will take action and the person will be one of the many known ninjas.


This is a thread necro (mini necro maybe) I can get behind.

This is good to hear, but can we get an answer on whether paid server transfers will be available?
Because if they are, in many cases it nullifies the philosophy of players having to maintain a reputation.


Gm staff isn’t really a thing anymore, like for a specific game. I’m not even sure they’re in game anymore with characters.

Most of the GMs I speak with are on the website chat tool. They seem like they can help with a number of things from different games.

Again unsure about all this. But with things like automatic item restore that players can use, seems Blizzard doesn’t have too many actual GMs walking around Azeroth anymore.

Can we get confirmation that name & shame will not be actionable in classic?

If ostracizing ninjas is the answer, we need to be allowed to tell each other who the ninjas are.


I wish our reputation actually mattered in modern WoW. Then maybe we wouldn’t of had personal loot forced upon us.


This made me happy to see

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