What will Classic's "Reserved" etiquette be?

You should want it as a shaman :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if you’re primarily a healer, having the option to do strong melee damage with a weapon swap is valuable.

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Yeah, this is another thing. I trust my guildmates to poopsock a dungeon epic. Getting randoms for that would be more than a full time job.

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I need to play the long game and convince the raid leader to give me the first Sulfuras for those sweet, sweet Windfury crits in WSG =P

Though if I go Shaman, I’ll probably have Ele as my off-spec for solo play.

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That’s fair, but why not both?

1h + shield + melee damage is great vs rogues!

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I think I also need some agility/strength leather and mail as well.

and of course something for my off-hand in case I don’t need a shield.

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They should.
If there isn’t some form of blacklist it hurt would the community feeling, basically EVERY realm on vanilla had some sort of blacklist, be it through addons, manual list passed around top guilds or in the realm forum.

If they don’t allow it there’s gonna be one regardless, having a maintained one where people can report and help gives a lot of server stability and helps with the community, on top that it would also make people not commit such things in the first place, of course, it’s gonna be strict to get there.

I’m planning on possibly make one but only for level 60s and start a thread on the realm forums, if they allow it, great, if they don’t, it’s gonna exist regardless.
As they already said in the item trading blue post:


Of course. Better get some caster cloth too, for when you don’t care about your armor, and a staff in case you’re not specced into 2h axe/mace at the time.

A dagger for frostbrand procs, too.

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If they don’t allow it here, somebody will just make one elsewhere.


Sounds like I could use a Felstriker dagger to get those extra crits while I get Frostbrand procs.


If it’s made clear before setting out for the dungeon that you need a certain piece, nearly everyone involved will understand and decide whether to group with you or not. For example, Scarlet Monastery, Library, had some sweet caster loot from last boss we all wanted (mainly staff and robes). I went on many runs to get both of these.


I hate it when pally’s who will never tank roll on tank loot, Also the same pally will roll on all cloth and leather.

As for my golden role for reserving? I normally don’t for 5 mans / 10 mans. So long as you tell everyone before you enter the dungi what’s on reserve there’s no foul play.


I remember repeating dungeons as a group until the people who wanted particular items all got what we were looking for. Maybe my friends/guildies had more time for that than others. :slight_smile:


This. Can’t remember how many undead Strat runs I did for a pair of those bone slicing hatchets.


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Laughing publicly in chat at attempts to reserve sought after items, and then going on to form your own group where the loot rules are fair.

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If you’re putting something on reserve, in my opinion, you should be bringing something to the table to get the run underway quicker, ie are a tank/healer or paired with one. Some tanks who are geared up do runs and reserve items to sell as a form of gold farming. It’s all good as long as everyone knows whats going on.


I’ll probably just run my own groups if people are reserving things in other groups…

That being said, the real way to reserve items is simply avoid inviting classes that would roll on it. If I wanted hand of justice in brd I’d just bring a bear tank, and casters /hunters. Much easier.

My larger concern is trying to figure out a good way for main spec and off spec rolls… If I let people free roll on anything they want every hybrid and hunter rolls on everything that drops, and people get titled.

If I force everyone to declare a spec at the start for main spec, then the healer and tank just declare dps specs, and roll anyhow, while still getting free gear via no competition for their “off spec”…

If I say you only are main spec in the role you are here as, and off spec everything else, it gets annoying filling groups, since often times those tanks /healers are just looking to fill out off spec gear.

Kind of screwed no matter what way you do it, and I’ve had groups get tilted over all three systems historically.

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I don’t do reserved groups. I don’t expect anyone to carry me nor will I carry anyone else.


I remember this being common practice when I played. While leveling, you roll on the gear relevant to the contribution you are making for the group. A tank can’t roll on rogue swords/leather unless the rogue isn’t interested (rogue might already have something better for that slot).

I’ve always found that clear communication before the run begins will make the gear distribution smooth and easy. That way I don’t have to tell people they can only roll on this or that kind of item.

Endgame is different of course. Once things become more organized/guilded things become more formal. Each guild handles things their own way.

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First is he/she the tank?

Are they a healer?

If they are none of those above. Haha.

#^*% that Group.


Hard res, soft res… GBID

There’s going to be alot of GBID tears on these forums.

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