Blizzard stop firing your employees please

Nope, like I said they literally threatened to ban me because I wanted to know why they stopped helping players like they used to with such a basic issue.

Mine was I master looted an item to a warlock as lock class lead, the next day I was informed I had a shadow priest I was supposed to look over for loot rulings as well and they were upset that I got a loot (that would have gone to me regardless) but I decided I really would rather people not complain and just let the person have the loot.

Took a week to finally get the response of threatening to ban me if I opened anymore tickets on the issue…needless to say it also made me quit playing classic. But I’ve had just as bad of experience with retail tickets as well.

I don’t even remember what automated response I got, but I just remember reading this long paragraph and thinking “What the hell…? This literally has nothing to do with what I sent the ticket in for” and I said that in my second response. “I really don’t appreciate having automated tickets given to me that aren’t even correlating to my issue, could someone please look at this?”

which I guess did the trick…but golly…

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Throwaway? I’ve not discarded anything.

I don’t know. I think he maybe does believe it. Some people are like that. They misinterpret something, get all excited about it and run with it.

Should have called their bluff. A GM friend of mine advised me to and it worked. It’s a scare tactic to deter people from opening tickets.

Yeah, back in the day I forgot my heirloom items on another alt before you could mail them anywhere, or create new ones

I moved my character back to my main realm. They were all fully enchanted with BiS enchants (which weren’t cheap) so I opened a ticket and asked if they could transfer them back.

They said sure, but not with the enchants. I had to open I think 10 tickets before they sent them in the mail with the items to re-enchant them…

I’ve been straight up commended by Blizzard for my efforts in attempting to dispel common false narratives and misinformation being propagated by less than honest people on these forums.

You don’t know anything about blizzard internally.

TL;DR: They didn’t want groups of friends needing on loot in dungeons and then opening tickets to have that loot traded to their buddy that wanted it. If you mess up loot in raid and it takes you more than two hours to realize it, that’s on you.

The only way to fix the Blizzard office in France, is to somehow involve them in the Chinese market.
Activision-Blizzard have shown they’re quite good at bowing to the Chinese.

Literally had nothing to do with dungeon loot, it was a master loot error in a raid.

If you actually read the post, it was a late night raiding guild, the error wasn’t brought up until the next day. I’ve played this game since it came out, in the past I was shocked at how good they’d handle customer support, one ticket and almost every time my problem would be solved. Loot issues like this were literally non-issue for them to fix…

Now I’m shocked and appalled at “templated” responses that are more or less auto responses.

Ok, now I know you’re just deliberately being dishonest.

Not so clever ruse.


“The ticket system is one of the best things Blizzard ever did” - People in the CS forum who worship Blizzard

While he’s super duper excited to dispel that the responses are not fully automated, meaning a computer generates an instant response, the responses are well known to be copy/pasted. And when so many have complained about responses that have nothing to do with their ticket, it starts to make people skeptical and justifiably so.

Bottom line is Blizzard don’t care. As long as those Dev’s are getting their pay packet it’s screw the rest.

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They’re probably romanticizing how it used to be. Like I said, back in the day their ticket system honestly shocked me with how great it was. They fixed things that I literally thought “they’re not going to be able to help, but maybe they can, let’s see”

Right? Imagine so many people complaining about auto responses they literally have to actually respond to the claim…which is seemingly a lie or they’re “auto-templating” responses.

Use whatever wording you want, it doesn’t negate the fact that people are being forced to open 2-4 tickets before they get an ACTUAL valid response sometimes… :roll_eyes:

Definitely how it feels. :confused:

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lol no, it was an joke in regards to how those who live there act. It doesn’t matter what a blue says, they’ll agree with it. I’ve seen them make mistakes and they’ll still agree. They’re people who act obsequiously towards Blizzard employees, hoping to gain advantages.

And that’s a very well known problem.

I got into it with a blue about it before. I complained because they close tickets, mark them “resolved” without actually resolving them. He said “Thats because we consider the issue closed.” I told him “Then mark it “closed” and not “resolved”. Resolved says that you’ve taken care of my issue and you have not.” At least immediately when the ticket system came out, you could reply to them with more information. Kinda sorta similar to just simply replying to a GM chat like the good old days.

Perhaps I’m naive but they gave permission for me to continue this thread, so maybe they are having a think about it at least.

Oh I know. I’ve used the forums quite frequently and you can tell Blizzard boot lickers right away. I have a thread about how adding transmog into the cash shop is a bad idea. The amount of “Well, it’s okay because blizzard doesn’t do as bad as OTHER games do”

Literally justifying bad things by saying “It’s not that bad”

Like, what?

Haha, that’s such a valid point. Never thought of that.

Yeah, I mean…as hard as it is to say, I kind of miss their corny intro jokes.

lol the Sprite mog is nothing to me , if people want to spend money to dress up like a clown that’s up to them

I did read the post, you’re the one who isn’t reading. They purposely refrained from adding a policy regarding loot trading because it would lead to players abusing the system in dungeons. My guild has been raiding for over a year and has never had a loot issue that wasn’t able to be solved in the two hour window. You’re complaining about a failure on your own part that’s a non issue to 99.99% of people.

I could link you the Blue post but what would it achieve when you’re not posting in good faith anyways?

You’d be surprised

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Blizzard has been selling in-game cosmetic items since 2006, this isn’t new.