Yet another guild bank post

There’s no need for it to cost a fortune. You could restrict GBank from being abused by just restricting it’s creations to only guilds with 50-60 level 60s; there’s minimal need for a guild bank unless you are progression raiding. If blizzard wanted to allow 20 man guilds such access (for all those scarabs and bijous), they could set the level at 30 level 60s.

If more concerned than that you could restrict it to creation by guild masters with mc/zg/aq20 boss kills in groups composed of at least 75% guild members.

It might be abused, but definitely not as much as the mail box bank system and mule banks are.

This topic has been exhaustively covered and rehashed, but it’s basically because actual vanilla raiders who had to manage guild banks know that the guild bank is necessary and with the harder enforcement on the restriction on account sharing a guild bank is necessary to approximate the guild banking of vanilla wow.

All the cries that it’ll ruin the experience are mostly rooted in logical fallacies or absurd arguments like arguing guild banks are core gameplay…(right a game that consists of logging in and out of different accounts for a few seconds at a time and opening trade)

Anyway…I’m in favor of guild banks and beyond that agree mostly with no changes; I am in favor of changes that are necessary for it’s success or necessary to account for changes that have occurred since vanilla. Guild banks check both of those boxes in my opinion.


Exactly this. This is what I’ve been trying to convey to people for the last 18 months, but “muh vanilla”.


I consider anything in the content release plan as “in classic at launch”

So of they announce that as part of the content release plan on would be fine with it. But it has to be announced that it is happening. Because they likely won’t add it as an. After thought later due to the reason I already stated.


So what you’re basically saying is that the game should be catered to raiders. It seems to me that making raiding the focus of the game has been done somewhere before. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but I’m almost certain I can recall decisions being made that would do something to get more players raiding… I wish I could remember what it was.

Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually.



You just don’t get it.


This seems to suggest they’re not going to do anything about theft from guild bank alts either.

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I don’t see the words “guild bank” in there

Yep. But intelligent people can use extrapolation.

Kinda hard to restore the items someone walked away with, if they’re not transferring items in WoW Classic.

Or they’ll have a guild bank system in place for the players to manage.

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There is a difference between misclicked loot distribution and scamming people.

If loot rules were stated before a raid then during loot distribution they go against stated rules it’s MUCH more likely blizzard will do something vs a misclicked loot distribution.

Blizzard is not saying they won’t deal with extreme cases.

Sure they might not restore items, but depending on the severity of the action (stealing an entire guilds resources) there will likely be punishment in other forms for that thief from both blizzards side and the community.

Blizzard might not restore the stolen items to the guild. But that doesn’t mean they will let the thief keep it as well. Especially if they suspect the thief of being a Susan sells gold with how they act after the theft.

Edit: it also has to be brought to the communitys attention that the thief is a thief and the guild bank system does that a lot better than the blind Faith of the guild bank alt system.

So even if blizzard leaves it up to us to police ourselves the guild bank system is still better for that than the guild bank alt system.

Didn’t you say that Classic was supposed to an “authentic experience” and that you wanted the “authentic experience”?

That’s right, you DID.

Allow me to quote you:

I guess either you’ve changed your stance on guild banks or you are lying, possibly to further one of your goals.

Guild banks came in Burning Crusade. We didn’t have them in vanilla. We’re not getting them in classic.



I also stated “security > authenticity”.

Man, you’re so desperate for attention, especially now that you made it clear you’re in favor of QoL additions such as flying and mogging.

Maybe one of these days, you will learn not to lie. I’m not going to hold my breath, though.

Anyone can do a simple forum search for posts written by me using the terms transmog and/or flying to see that I have always opposef those things being in Classic.

I’m still waiting for your links. You may want to listen to your own advice about lying.

“always those”. You meant to type “always wanted those”, correct?

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Off-topic real quick, you’re going to be playing on a PvP server right?

Actually, I meant opposed.

Thank you for pointing that out. I will edit the post.

You mean cover yourself?

If Classic is “authentic” enough, I will play on both PVE and PVP servers, just as I did in vanilla.