Have a question for GM or anyone with XP regarding accidently needing an item

  • Pally tank needed and won on a BiS rogue item a couple days ago in BRD (people were upset at him when this happened)
  • Entire party said it was for me (main is a rogue), Pally tried to do everything such as logging out and any other way to somehow reset it, nothing worked
  • Pally said he put a ticket in to have a GM transfer the item over to me. Said he felt bad and that put the ticket in.
  • Pally says yesterday that a GM contacted him in game and said that he can’t do anything about it and that he said “you need to help him get the item” and that the GM said “I accidentally roll need all the time”

My BS meter went off when I heard this. My question is, in Classic, is it possible to have an BoP item transferred over to another character if the Master Looter puts the ticket in?

I, and the rest of the entire party think he is lying and that he didn’t put a ticket in. If I can confirm that you can indeed do this then I know he was lying the whole time about putting a ticket in.

Thank you.

They won’t help with dungeon loot disputes, haven’t for years.

People didn’t want loot trading in dungeons so this is what you get.


I’ll have to look for it, but when they caved to all the complaints about the 2-hour loot trade window, and limited that to raids, I’m pretty sure they said one consequence was that the support team wouldn’t be able to help move loot from one player to another.

(The reason may well be their tools. The modern tools are built around the 2-hour timer existing and GMs not needing to be involved, and they no longer have the old tools to essentially create the item out of thin air to give to one person while deleting the item from another.)

Here it is:


good find, basically the whiners who didn’t want loot trading caused the problem.

I mean, BoP items in vanilla were actually BoP so that’s keeping with tradition.

But yeah, you’re SOL on them needing on an item patently not for them and stealing it from another player. “I accidentally need on things all the time” – sounds like they need to learn to pay the f**k attention.

In vanilla they would help you with transferring if a mistake was made though, soooooo we’re actually worse off in dungeons then in Vanilla.

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They were also more customer focused at the time and this game was their primary focus/responsibility. Blizzard has moved on and babysitting this kind of stuff isn’t a valuable investment of Customer Service’s time. I can’t blame them for backing off on it.

Rock and a hard place, because they have the modern tooling (2-hr trade window) to allow players to deal with this themselves… but doing that would’ve been contrary to the reference client… but it’s not a worthwhile investment to make customer service deal with it.

They almost exclusively only transfer items in the case that a master looter sends the item to the wrong person. Any time we had to do this, we had three people all submit tickets. The master looter, the guy who got the item, and the guy who was supposed to get it.

We never tried this in a 5 man, and now in raids, loot is tradeable for a couple hours so it’s a nonissue there.

If its 5 man loot, you’re probably SOL.

Thing is, they have it it raids, but it was people who got it taken out of the more important content right now, dungeons (raid gear is kind of crap for most people, so crying over it is silly, but that BiS blue item from a dungeon after you’ve run it 30 times that gets accidentally needed on sucks)