Will you "need" on gear you can't use, then sell it?

So what ideally happens in 3, 4, and 5:

  1. dungeon boss drops BoP healing staff
  2. rogue rolls need and wins it, claims it’s to sell for gold, which they need

will build my own grps so i will set a simple lootrule at the beginning. with that if a ninja happens i can contact gms and if it is like vanlla i will get it for the man who needet it.


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umm theyve already said that they wont be responding to any loot dispute tickets.

so ya . gonna have to eat it on this one.

What? This is about rare, BoE world drops and/or twinking items.

Blizzard isn’t offering CS for drops.

This is actually the secret weapon :+1:

Right and I’m asking about BoP situation. There’s players that need on BoP and justify themselves.

for more info.

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BoP items are governed by MS before OS, Need before Greed, etc.

Exactly :joy:

If an epic/recipe BoE drops in a 5 man dungeon pug run, yes, I gain nothing from letting a pug player take it when I need the gold just as much as they could potentially need the item.

If I was in a guild group I would of course give it to someone it would benefit as it in term would benefit my guild.

Right, and I’m asking about a BoP being taken by someone who can’t even use it in order to sell it for gold. What would you do about that Garilas?

Your emoji doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’ll just go with the flow by ignoring it.

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Chalk up the loss and place them on my ignore list (situationally dependent). Anything else?

replying to you but saying this to everyone, if you have a set of loot rules that you want to implement and are worried about ninjas , just use masterloot and be the masterlooter.

the early instances even up to the level 50ish and below instances give very temporary gear.

its the stuff that is 50 and above that you should do ML for if you are truly worried about loot.

the loot that is BoE should all be up for need rolls due to it being fair to everyone in terms of everyone putting in the effort to get the loot. i would say 800g is surely as much of a bonus to me as it is for you to use it for all of 5 levels.

but ya . use ML if you are so worried about pressing your loot rules on everyone else and you wont have to worry about ninjas unless you are one yourself.


Also, the 2 hour trade for BoP items is limited only to items that drop from raids meaning that this is a non problem for 5 mans entirely.

Forgot that this is the classic forums and that nobody actually researches their topics beforehand.

That’s rather passive of you, but I’m not surprised since I expect that’s how most acts of greed in Classic will go; simply ignored.

Nah, I meant vendoring.

No you didn’t, you said something entirely different.

You’re trolling.

Rolling need on a BoE item you need is not ninja looting. Just thought I’d help you clear that up.

What are you rambling on about? Players A, B, C, D, and E go into Instance A with the expectation that the tank will get the tanking items, the healer will get the healing items, and the enchanter will get the enchanting recipes, etc. Players A, B, C, D, and E didn’t go into Instance A with the expectation that a BoE world drop (with a drop rate that’s less than 1%) would drop. Therefore, everyone is entitled to roll on the item, and while an ideal world would see them roll Greed, the simple truth is that everyone should roll Need (the only other grey area for this topic is BoE twinking items from the established loot table, e.g. Assassin’s Blade, and in my opinion, the same rules apply, i.e. it’s fair game for everyone).

P.S. If the group wants to pass the world drop to someone that can use the item then, to be frank, that’s up to them, but the default expectation should be that it’s an open roll for everyone. In addition, these items can be sold for an epic mount (saving the seller a lot of time), sold to purchase items that will benefit the seller, or used to fund repair costs for months.

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This is why the maximum duration for loot trading should be 5 min so that this kind of practice can only be used to combat “mistakes”…

people needing on bop items that they cant use are straight up jerks and someone in the run probably pissed them off.

other than that though i have a hard time saying someone has priority over someone else on BoE gear that sells for 100+ gold . people have to be personal friends or guildies or something or have been good people to run with for me to defer to someone i dont have any association with to give them loot over my own needs when it comes to that.

i dont owe anyone anything that i dont know or havent formed some connection with. it will benefit me just as much as you for the 5 lvls you can use the item for.

Edit: i wanted to add that the loot trading window only applies to raids like mc zg bwl aq 20 and 40 and naxx.

there is no loot trading for all the other dungeons in the game so the comment about people just being jerks rolling need on bop items in dungeons and not raids that they dont need are indeed being jerks and cant “hold the group hostage” to sell the items later.