Logged off because Account Information Changed: ..What?

Title says it all. I was idling and typing stuff on the forums and I got this message in game and a DC. Is there something I need to know? My Billing page shows everything as normal. :open_mouth:

I have a Authenticator on my Cell and all the usual security measures. Help with this would be appreciated.


Well to be safe change your password run a malaware/virus scan and get a authenticator if u dont have one.

As I already specified I have an authenticator on my cell-phone.

Sounds like a phishing attmept rest of advice is still solid.

I’m not seeing anything on our side that stands out, Kainas. Did you have any trouble logging back in?

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No I didn’t but that was what I got for the disconnect notice Vrak, when I’d idled in Oribos for a long while, as I was using the forums. Frankly it freaked the hell out of me because I’ve never seen that one before. Everything’s alright on your end then? My A.V. Came back clear and all my account info seems to be proper and correct, unchanged.

Just never in 17 years seen ‘that’ specific message before.


Were you afk in game for awhile that would have caused you to be logged out automatically?

Perhaps the message you received from that is just… confusing? If so, I can probably bubble that up. If you manage to get a screenshot of it that would help.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for other reports.

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I was afk at the time but the message was very specific and said that my Account Info had changed. It really threw me for a loop Vrak. I may idle to see if I can reproduce it. In any event however, if you can put a note on my account it’d be deeply appreciated.

The information that I have at this moment is accurate and should be accurate until the year 3000 probably, unless something drastic happened to me.


As an addendum. When I say “AFK” I mean I was afk from the game, but had the web-browser pulled up over it. This was because I was typing on the forums and reading through the upcoming patch notes etc.

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Here’s your other reports…

That was basically what happened to me too, though the details of the how are different. It seemed too random to be afk at the PC. I’ve been sitting in Oribos messing with my web-browser to try and reproduce the situation. Thanks for this Zungar.

Now I feel a little less concerned, knowing that others got this.

Thanks, it looks like it may be related to some work happening on the back-end. Nothing appears to be amiss and the result of some data migration. Sorry for the confusion.


As always, thanks for the hard-work and the responses Vrak.


I’m having the same issue. I can get into the forums occasionally, but it keeps kicking me off. I have authenticator as well. Another person here having the same issues. Possibly something on the server side I should think?

THis just happened to me too, good to see its not just me and not an actual problem lol

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Are you getting the same message that the others are reporting, Conty? Or are you just getting disconnected? If you are getting that message you should just be able to log back in. If it is something else, I’d recommend posting in the Technical Support forum for troubleshooting advice.


It happened to me as well. I made a post about it before seeing this one. I changed my password and it hasn’t happened again… yet.
No e-mail stating anything was changed before i changed my password.

Ya seems like it was purely an error

I got disconnected with this message, however after logging in I am getting disconnected a few seconds after logging in with a message that now just says "You have been disconnected from the server. (wow51900319). I came to find out about the account change error because I have a physical authenticator as well and received no emails or warnings about a change so was concerned. Another post directed me here to the blue response, but given the continuous disconnects it doesn’t seem as simple an answer.

It also happened to me, twice. Kicked out of WoW with an error message saying “You have been disconnected because your account information has changed. (BLZ51900062)”.
Inspecting activity on both Battle.net and email address, there is no indication of compromised accounts.

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Happened to me too while in the middle of a dungeon. I was able to log back in, but after I was out of the dungeon I checked everything to be safe. Changed my password, but nothing was out of sorts.