Error: BLZ51900062 - Account info changed

I’d just finished a Torghast run with some Guild friends, everyone else logged for the night or to do other things whilst I changed my Legendary piece and went back to Oribos to transmog in the Hall of Curiosities.

Whilst checking out the helm appearances, I was suddenly booted from the game with the message;
You have been disconnected because your account information has changed. (BLZ51900062)

This of course makes no sense. I have a physical authenticator tied to my account and was playing at the time.
Double checked my transaction history, payment methods, recent logins, connected accounts, e-mail, authenticator- nothing had visibly changed about my account.
Went ahead and changed my password for good measure and logged out of all sessions of which there was only one, my PC.

Anyone else?

-I didn’t receive an email about changed information, my e-mail address was not changed either. No text received.
-Have since changed my passwords, updated mobile number and disconnected Wowhead.

Update- related forum post with possible answer from blue-post - Courtesy of Kainas.


Did you receive an emaile-mail stating something was changed? Secondly did you have sms authentication turned on as a secondary back up? If you can no longer login to the game then you need to open a ticket with customer support for a compromised account.

Start Here: Get Help
Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also visit the support forums at to inquire about the error code you received.

If you still have access to your account I would go into your Blizzard account settings and make sure nothing has changed, ie; e-mail, address, billing info, etc. if something was changed you didn’t authorize you should change it back immediately, change your password, and remove and then readd 2FA so you can refresh the key. Contact support to let them know what happened as well.

Best of luck mate and keep us up to date.

Probably gonna have more luck posting in the bug report or technical support forum. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t receive any e-mail about a change at the time, double checked my deleted and junk folder to be certain but found nothing.
I’ve since updated my mobile number as it was using my old phone which has been broken and in a drawer the past year.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that’s changed which is what confuses me most.

Unless a GM was attempting to get onto my account, but I don’t see why that error message would display for something like that.
(I had posted a ticket 12 hours prior but cancelled it 5-10 minutes after submitting;

The Ticket

I’d been disconnected when I was doing the Darkmaul taming process and was afraid I’d lost one of the 10 Mawshrooms (you know, THOSE ones). Cancelled of course when it turned out- despite not sitting out the buff and actually riding him, I still got the mount at the end of it.

(In hindsight, I should have given all the Mawshrooms and checked if it counted or not before submitting a ticket, but I’d heard from multiple people you have to do the full 2 minute ride for it to count.)

Since all of this, I’ve updated information, changed passwords across multiple of my accounts and generally been stressed out by it all.

Thank you for calling the WRA Technical Support Hot Guy. Your call is very important to someone, maybe, please stay on the line and our first available evaporator will be with you shortly…


This just happen to me.


same, was Dc’d in torgast and received the same error. My info hasnt changed. I was able to get back in without issue

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So you seem to have encountered something similar to me then.
I too was able to just hit reconnect and get back online.

Which wing/level had you done?
Were you changing anything with a legendary?
I’m trying to figure out if this is a strange trigger going on and it’s just throwing out the wrong error code which it’s looking a bit more likely to be.

Just had it happen to me too. Happened to notice that my Sub renews today too so wondering if maybe THAT was why that error popped up? Sub renewed, account status/info changed/updated and it kicked? Freaked me out too.

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i was in addament vaults(Coldheart), i was on my way to the portal to go to floor 7( i think it was) and like 5 feet from going through, dc’d. i was doing nothing but simply going to the portal. Wasnt changing anything

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Just checked mine and its not due to sept, 6month sub

According to my transaction history, my last renewal was on the 16th.
Unless things were very delayed for me, I don’t believe that would be the case for my particular disconnect/error.
Thank you for posting and suggesting though!

Just got the same disconnect error

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Just happened to me as well. Was on an alt, just flying over Elwynn. Sub doesnt renew till September. No emails regarding account changes and nothing looks changed on my account details. A little concerning.

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WrA player here. Just got disconnected too via that message. Was in Silvermoon crafting?

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Just happened to me, too. Killing mobs in STV on my low level warlock.

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Same thing just happened to me. I have an authenticator. I had to use it to reply to your post. I am able to log back in and have no emails. Just letting you know that you’re not alone in this and my guess would be bug…but keep checking your email.

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Same just happened here. Taking a new alt through Exile’s Reach (about to go on the flying robot thingy) and got hit with the DC. Nothing changed account wise, was able to relog just fine, sub doesn’t renew today, etc.

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Just happened to me aswell. In Oribos on Garona.


And I did just do lots of torghast and legendary stuff.